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Nixiea: A Classic Retro Nixie Wrist Watch

Nixie Tube Wrist Watch, A Mix of Modern and History

The elegance of a Nixie watch is timeless and fans of vintage electronics have been asking for a revival of Nixies for many years. Now NIXIEA watch combines vintage Nixie tubes with modern technology to produce a visually stunning timepiece. NIXIEA watch is complemented with two exquisite IN-16 Nixie tubes, which show the time through a warm display of neon lights. You will feel like part of history every time that you wear NIXIEA on your wrist.


The NIXIEA Watch is a wonderful combination of aesthetics and functionality, reviving classic artworks. The exquisite and gorgeous IN-16 Nixie tubes inside the watch illuminate to display time, giving history a glowing new look showcased stylishly on your wrist. NIXIEA adds a unique touch to anyone with its eye-catching design. It uses the most stable and smallest Nixie tubes in the world that ensure the absolute highest quality.

NIXIEA is at once classic, vintage, and smart. With a built-in tilt sensor, the watch detects your wrist movements and automatically lights up to display the time every time you raise your hand.

Qi-Wireless Charging

Instead of traditional methods of charging, NIXIEA watch uses Qi-Wireless charging, compatible with most wireless chargers on the market. Equipped with a 380mAh battery, it can standby for 1 year. Our passion is helping everyone live smarter through innovative development.

Made of solid and durable high-quality aluminum alloy, NIXIEA is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day and every day! The TPU bands make it extremely flexible, durable, and smooth to the touch. The waterproof rating of NIXIEA achieves the IP67 standard so you don’t have to take it off while washing your hands or while out in the rain. NIXIEA feels like a natural extension of your wrist.

NIXIEA features a super-tough Sapphire-coated crystal with anti-scratch surface finish. It is scratch-proof, durable, and has perfect clarity.

In today’s world, retro is not a thing of the past. Watches with enduring designs are always in style and help you stands out from the crowd with a unique elegance. NIXIEA has 3 colors options and multiple bands options: Black, Brown, Dark Green, Deep Ocean Blue, and Berry Red.

Nixie tubes are rare and valuable, but we offer NIXIEA with excellent quality tubes at an affordable price. We call it – high quality for the masses. We achieve that by careful control of all parts of the supply line from research to design, building, and testing, ensuring that we not only deliver exceptional items but that we create something that adds beauty to the world. Our goal is to let more people appreciate and enjoy Nixie tube technology.


NIXIEA Founder’s Story


Kenny Liu, MSc in Microelectronic. A hardware startup co-founder while a lifetime student in making innovative electronics. With 6 years of experience in product building, Kenny is experienced in several product developments starting from a sketch to worldwide shipment. Able to combine market research and product development expertise to achieve innovation.


Like everyone who loves the beauty of Nixie tubes. Kenny has loved cyberpunk and timepieces (so beautiful and zen) since he was a little boy. Kenny always wanted to create something like NIXIEA and share it with the world. So NIXIEA the nixie watch with in-16 nixie tubes is created at the most affordable price.


We know that there will be certain risks and challenges in delivering this product at the level of quality we demand of ourselves. However, NIXIEA team brings with it not only passion but also experience in engineering and production, and we’ve made every attempt to achieve our goals.