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MULTO | Your own kitchen farm.

Salads, herbs and small vegetables, grown at home, all year round!

Multo is a key step for Prêt à Pousser, like a culmination. After having introduced hundreds of thousands of families to home-growing, with our small indoor vegetable gardens, we are moving on to the next step: with Multo, we are taking back the power over our food by growing part of our plate!


Romain Behaghel,  co-founder of Prêt à Pousser

While boasting much more technology, Multo remains as easy as any of our products to use. Follow these three simple steps, and you’re an indoor gardener !

No need for a terrace or rooftop. Multo fits perfectly into your home, large or small, and is fully adjustable according to your needs and use. 

We wanted everyone to be able to adopt a Multo at home, whatever the size of their home. That’s why we have created 4 versions of Multo, from the smallest to the biggest!

Multo is available in 4 versions to perfectly fit your interior:

  •  Multo Countertop : 15 to 20 plants (to be placed on a buffet or a kitchen counter)
  •  Multo One Level : 15 to 20 plants (to be placed on the ground)
  •  Multo Two Levels : 30 to 40 plants (to be placed on the ground)
  •  Multo Three Levels : from 45 to 60 plants (to be placed on the ground)


An elegant and sober design to match your decor

Multo appears as a piece of furniture with an airy and cosy style with its soft timeless shapes and natural materials, which shows the plants on an illuminated pedestal.

With its Scandinavian design, its light beech wood uprights and its soft curves, Multo is an elegant and pure object, which fits perfectly into your interior. The grey color of its containers makes the most of the green plants they contain. 

Multo has been designed by the multi award-winning industrial designer Xavier Houy (Platinum A’ Design, Red Dot Design, Green Good Design, label Observateur du Design).

A technology designed to be discreet

Multo’s technology has been thought to fit perfectly into your home. Thus its light has been designed to be soft, warm and not dazzling. 

The water pump is totally silent (because not everyone likes the sound of a toilet flushing or a Zen fountain!).

Multo may look simple, but it is the result of 6 years of research and development and hundreds of experiments conducted in our Parisian laboratory by our team of engineers, product designers, agronomists and botanists!


●  A new hydroponic technology : Multo is the very first personal vertical farm to integrate an ebb and flow technology.

Specifically, like the tide in the ocean, the water level will rise and fall at regular intervals thanks to a submerged pump that is automatically activated. This movement creates a continuous circulation around the roots. Nutrients and oxygen will be renewed with each cycle. 

The alternating cycles (immersed phase and dry phase) will allow the good development of the roots.

The dry phase allows a very good oxygenation of the roots thanks to the renewal of gases made possible when the pool of plants is emptied of its water.

The presence of the pump avoids the stagnation of the water and thus an excellent circulation of the nutritive solution and avoids the phenomenon of oxidation of the roots which would hinder the optimal irrigation of the plant. With Multo, the plant’s roots are in great shape, which makes for super happy and productive plants!


 Our most efficient light ever : Although Multo’s light is soft and warm, the light dispensed by Multo is 8 times more powerful than our other small indoor vegetable gardens. The light is fixed, which means that it cannot be moved closer or further away from the plant. This parameter was a big challenge for us and we worked hard on it. The power of each led varies and the arrangement of the leds allows to compensate for the immobility of the lamp.


 New liquid nutrient : The challenge in soilless culture is also in the area of nutrients, i.e. the food of the plants. If in traditional soil-based cultivation, plants are fed directly in the soil thanks to the nutrients and minerals naturally present in the soil, this is not the case for hydroponics. This is why we have selected a solution of liquid nutrients that dilutes perfectly in water and will be distributed in an optimal way in the whole tank in order to feed all the plants, via the roots. Multo’s liquid nutrients provide elements that can be directly assimilated by the roots: pure mineral salts such as iron, manganese and phosphorus.

The regular supply of nutrients in liquid form makes it possible to maintain a nutrient solution of constant quality (better than a supply of fertilizer in solid form).


The result : a yield never seen before in an indoor farming system !

By combining this huge improvement of yield with the large scale of the Multo, we have created a personal kitchen farm that can make home-growing a reality : you will be able to produce a significant part of your daily food. 

Beside an improved yield, the new technologies integrated in Multo is widely opening the varieties of plants that you will be able to grow indoor.  In addition to new herbs that could not grow in current smart garden (like chervil for example), you will be able to grow a wide range of new vegetables. 

But that’s not all ! We have designed a system of several modular and interchangeable trays. So, depending on what you want to grow, you can simply swap trays!

No more limits: more than 80 varieties of plants to grow ! With Multo, in addition to fresh herbs and salads, say hello to juicy vegetables (Beans, Zucchini, Jalapeños, Leafy Vegetables…), root vegetables  & micro-greens !



Although equipped with sophisticated technology, Multo is still easy to use. Everything has been designed to be simple, intuitive and fluid. We made sure not to add superficial features, just the right amount of technology and not dozens of different features!


A lamp connected to the app

Multo’s light turns on in the morning and off in the evening, automatically: there is nothing to do! It is connected via Bluetooth to the app, so all its settings can be done using your phone (time of on, off, light intensity …).


A smart pump

As for the pump, it is controlled by the system and is triggered 8 times per 24 hours, and each time for a few minutes only.


The pump is equipped with a brushless motor (long-life motor) and has an IPX8 rating, which is the highest IP rating for immersion. 


A water level sensor is connected to the application via Bluetooth and tells you when it is time to add water (linear water level sensor, for precise water level monitoring). If you are not there to put water back, then the pump stops automatically to avoid running empty and degrading.


Finally, a cleaning mode allows you from the app to trigger the draining to proceed to clean your Multo from time to time.

A filter protects the components, including the pump and floats. Thus, everything that goes down into the tank passes through a filter protected from impurities, allowing a longer life of the system and facilitating its cleaning.


A product that can be easily modified and repaired.

We wanted Multo to be scalable. You can start with a 1 tier Multo and easily upgrade to 2 or 3 tiers without having to replace everything. The main base of Multo is kept, you will just have to buy the additional parts to upgrade to a bigger Multo.


Do you want to grow radishes? Or more like micro sprouts? Zucchini? Each of these plants grows with a different support: that’s why we have created interchangeable trays to make your vegetable garden evolve according to your wishes. One garden, many possibilities!


If you ever have a problem with Multo, don’t panic: we wanted it to be easily repairable, so that you don’t have to replace everything if just one part fails. All parts will be available as spare parts on our website. A strong constraint that guided all the design choices we made.


For a healthier, local and sustainable food consumption

With Multo, no more salads and herbs packed in kilos of plastic. Go ultra local by growing your plants right in your kitchen or living room! Water saving: 90% less water loss than in traditional agriculture.


3 campaigns, a huge community, 200K gardens sold !

Prêt à Pousser is a pioneer in indoor growing. We launched our first indoor garden Lilo in 2015 on Kickstarter! Since then, we’ve sold over 200,000 indoor vegetable gardens, created a community of home growers, added dozens of plant varieties to our lineup, continued to do research and development (7 years of R&D to date) and are doing  did another Kickstarter in 2021 for Nano Garden. This is definitely not our debut!

In January 2022, thanks to its strong news, Prêt à Pousser participated for the first time in the CES in Las Vegas, accompanying the French Tech delegation. France was the second most represented country just after the United States! We presented Multo for the first time, which met a great success with the visitors of the show!

For each level of Multo puchased, you will get 

– 1 Bluetooth connected Smart light

– 1 Ebb & Flow hydroponic system with 1 plant pool, 1 water tank,  4 trays ( 3 Standard trays with 4 holes, 1 with 3 holes), a smart pump and hole covers 

– 1 bottle of xx ml of Nutrient A, 1 bottle of water of Nutrient B 

– 1 Pack of 16 plant pods (choice of 3 packs)