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One Man Guitar Band Made Possible. Multi & Original Sound Recording. Carry it ON BOARD!

Whether you’re on a plane, train, taxi, or subway, you can bring Mogabi with you to store easily in any trunk or overhead compartment. With Mogabi, you’re traveling light with a speaker AND instrument all in one sleek package.

Customize your Mogabi Smart Guitar with your favorite headstock shape. Whether you go with a classic rectangular style, or Mogabi’s iconic round headstock, you’ll get the same great Mogabi sound and feel. And no matter which headstock you choose, your Mogabi will still fit snugly into the Mogabi fabric case. 

Anyone that has played a conventional guitar knows its flaws and inconveniences. They are too big and too heavy to freely carry around, and renting out a recording studio costs a fortune.

Your musical inspiration does not gently knock and ask to enter your mind. It just barges in while you go for a walk, lay down to take a break, are on vacation, or while you are on your business trip.

There is a smart instrument that would allow you to record your musical inspirations instantly anytime. Its name is the “MOGABI Smart Guitar.”

The Mogabi Smart Guitar lets you:

  • Carry around your guitar to play anytime, anywhere
  • Play at home in silence
  • Play while camping, outdoors, or traveling
  • Record your tunes with the highest quality
  • Play, record, mix, and share all at the same time
  • Play and save multiple recordings at a time


To-be: The Mogabi Smart Guitar comes with a hinge in the neck and audio box for an easy fold. Once the hinge is locked, the entire body will lock in-place without any major movements. With a double-locking rest frame, Mogabi gives you a whole new level of stability.

Mogabi’s body is designed without an internal soundbox, so its size and weight were cut down drastically. When you hit yourself with that musical inspiration, take Mogabi out of your bag, assemble, and go to town!

Compact Mogabi Fabric Case

Take Mogabi with you in the specially tailored Mogabi fabric case. As the guitar is easily storable and carriable in a backpack or a carrier, users can carry the device on a business trip/ vacation or even on commercial aircrafts. 

Now, you no longer need a mic, amplifier, and a recording studio to record your tunes. With Mogabi, you can register your authentic guitar tunes without any noises interfering. All you need is just a touch of a button! So you can even play by the beach, construction sites, shopping malls, or outdoor parks.

The internal 32GB memory allows you to save up to 300 high-quality songs. If you want to edit a piece of recorded music on the go, just attach the C-type cable and download it on a smart device or a computer to edit, copy, or share.

The world’s first original sound recording technology has just added a whole new level of innovation. Now, with Mogabi, you can record your vocals together with your guitar tunes. Just use Mogabi’s microphone connection port, and Mogabi will record your vocals and guitar audio without any background noise.

Pin mics are not included in the pledge.

The Mic Pre-Amplifier is Only Comptible with Dynamic Mics.

Just select the mic.preamp to enjoy Mogabi to its finest without the need for external mixers. 

You can adjust the reverberation volumes by turning the recording button.

You might want some alone time while playing your guitar, but we bet you might want to jam alongside other players. For those moments, try the mix-mode. You can play duets and quartets even if you are playing solo!

Mix Mode

Mix Mode lets you jam all night long with world-famous artists. Play over the tunes of your favorite artists with the Bluetooth pairing mode. With Mogabi, you too can be a part of your favorite world-famous bands.

If you have made a mistake during your recording, you can simply just cancel. When you cancel your recording by pressing on the 3rd nob, the tunes will delete without saving. Now you just keep your perfectly played songs.

Recording Cancellation

With Mogabi Guitar’s Bluetooth pairing, users can connect with computers, smartphones, etc., freely. You won’t even need to bring a Bluetooth speaker on your vacation if you bring Mogabi.

The best thing about Bluetooth pairing is its sharing function. Need to play a solo for your band, but don’t have time to practice because of your business trip? Just share your recording! You will feel like you are playing right next to them!

Mogabi is exceptionally portable, and since there aren’t any sound boxes, you might worry if its sounds are too low. But that would not be an issue. With Mogabi’s own MCU application, the guitar will keep a stable sound balance and blast its 40mm, full-range speakers.

While on vacation or if you are camping, you might want extra power to your sounds. Then utilize the 5.5 line out port to create a more abundant sound. With Mogabi, you will experience the most extraordinary sounds a guitar can offer.

The 2600mA Lithium-Ion Batteries can be fully charged within 3 hours, and have a battery life of up to 6 consecutive hours. Mogabi can be used for hours and hours without having to bring along a charger, making it way more appealing for those who want to jam outdoors.

Even though Mogabi is an electric guitar, it still rocks a retro feel. Mogabi’s cutting-edge DA Converter adds another level of retro sound and sensation. By selecting either the acoustic or classic versions, you can customize Mogabi for just the right touch while you play.

Mogabi’s mahogany neck and rosewood keys add a touch of warmth, and the saddles and nuts made from ox bone add clarity to the sound. With Mogabi, you’re getting cutting-edge technology AND analogue feel in one package.

Both a guitar’s body and strings deserve the utmost care. That’s why Mogabi gives you a clear headcover to safely protect the head and strings, and prevent dust from piling up. When traveling with Mogabi, now you no longer need to worry about the strings getting damaged by other items in your suitcase.

With the newly developed Mogabi application, users can enjoy various effects like music uploads, downloads, edits, mixing, music sheet editing, tuning, etc. This feature will broaden your musical skills, and you can share your guitar tunes worldwide by utilizing the music cloud. Make the whole world your stage.


Auto-syncing with videos and music

  • You don’t need to be a professional editor to sync with auto-sync.

Balance mixing with recorded tunes and videos

  • Record a track on the beach, then balance the sound of the waves in the background to a soft 13%.

Individually save the tunes in separate parts (Within a video)

  • ex) Want a recording of just the bass from a 3 instrument ensemble? Extract and save just what you need so you can practice on your Mogabi later!

Cloud Server Sync

  • Uploading/Downloading Anywhere at Anytime.


The details of final products can have minor changes.