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MOFT Cooling Stand- Graphene Cooling with Invisible Design

Minimalist designed cooling stand for laptops to help you and your computer work comfortably and effectively anywhere.

“It’s almost perfect,” user approved. Since our original Invisible Laptop Stand reached the hands of millions of users, most of them have been really satisfied with the stand. Yet there’s a voice saying that it would be perfect if their laptop can breathe better with the stand, so we strived to upgrade the material to be perfect for any laptop while keeping the invisible profile. After testing multiple types of materials, we finally did it. We found the perfect material – Graphene.

We chose graphene for its lateral heat removal effectiveness (up to 1800w/m.k), which beats any other metal in the world while being the thinnest conductive material known to exist. In the form of a slim graphite film, it conducts heat away from the laptop surface and into its nano heat dissipation layer.

With its familiar style and extra cooling, it’s the new standard in laptop stands. Only 10% as thick and heavy as current cooling pad offerings on the market making it portable for mobile workstation setups anywhere. Second to none, it boosts productivity on the road, at home, in the office, and any place in between.

The first is graphene cooling technology. As the CPU would be the hottest spot of an overheating laptop, graphene enables lateral heat dissipation of hot spots and even eliminate part of them, reducing the heat on the CPU surface. 

The second is a graphene-nanocarbon-copper film, which is built into the stand’s contact surface layer. It is only 0.07mm thick with air holes designed to provide ample ventilation for the laptop, making the adhesive back breathable. 

The third is its structure. It elevates your laptop when unfolded, allowing air to circulate between your laptop and the table for continuous airflow.

Over the past 3 years, more than 1 million users backed our original Invisible Laptop Stand and said it is a “must-have” accessory for their work life. Now, we’re back with new innovation, introducing “invisible” cooling technology and re-engineered materials. 

No matter where you work, be it editing videos at client sites, designing on Photoshop in a camp, or multitasking between apps at home, the MOFT Cooling Stand ensures you a smooth workflow without the interruption of your laptop running hot.

The stand folds flat to sit flush on your laptop. No other stand on the market does this. Lightweight and portable, it is easily carried with you wherever you go – whether you’re commuting or camping, it’s always on standby.

With a classic origami-inspired structure, it props up your laptop in a flash. The 25° highly-lifting mode raises your screen, relieving neck pain, while the 15° low-lifting mode makes typing much easier.

Made from strong fiberglass from recycled industrial materials, the lightweight stand is sturdy while typing and holds up to 11 lbs.

Worrying about losing or forgetting to take it with you won’t be a problem. Our new specially-made PU Nano Traceless Adhesive enables the stand to attach dozens of times with the same effectiveness and comes off more effortlessly without leaving a single mark.

Unlike the cold look of other stands, our stand is made with soft vegan leather. The new specially-made material called Tech Vegan Leather is tougher in wear and tear, so it remains like new for infinite folds. And it’s safe from daily scratches and stains, dirt and grime, and even spilled drinks.

We have tested Tech Vegan Leather, The PU Nano Traceless Adhesive, and the heat dissipation performance of the MOFT Cooling Stand to guarantee it meets all the standards. *Note: Actual results may vary according to the environment, laptop model, and ambient temperature.

Graphene Heat Dissipation Test Results

Test Condition:

1. In a constant temperature of 25°C laboratory

2. Simulate the continuously running CPU condition with an incubator

Test Result: It cools the laptop down by 5°C on average, with the highest cooling degree of 8°C-10°C (lab data). 

Tech Vegan Leather Test Results

It can withstand scratching up to 15,000 times, reaching Grade 5 scratch resistance (the highest level). It is also oil-and-alcohol resistant.

PU Nano Material Test Results

The PU Nano Traceless Adhesive is reusable up to 100 times, and 50 times reusable after being washed in water.