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minbay Pixel Artboard: EDC Art Kit for Painting Enthusiasts

Sketch anytime anywhere|Save 20,000 pictures, 3000 steps each|3.95-inch touchscreen|100-color palette |shortcut buttons |dedicated APP


minbay Pixel Artboard: EDC Art Kit for Painting Enthusiasts 

minbay Pixel Artboard is an all-in-one artboard for effortless pixel painting, art storage, and sharing. It is specially designed to quickly create a sketch using the capacitive touch screen combined with shortcut buttons and multi-color palette. With minbay Pixel Artboard, you can sketch anytime, anywhere. This ultra-portable electronic artboard goes with you in a pocket or bag and fits in the palm of your hand, ready to create pixel art in an instant!  


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Specially Designed for Pixel Painting

Shortcut keys on both sides + touch screen = left and right hands cooperate efficiently! Your operations are done fast and easy to focus on painting.

 See minbay Pixel Artboard in Action 

The following video demonstrates how quick and easy it is to create with minbay Pixel Artboard.


Artwork in an Instant

Never let inspiration escape you! Whenever you get an idea, you can simply use your finger as a pen to paint intuitively. See your creation come to life instantly! 


Easy to Use for Children & Beginners

● Pixel painting focuses on training the creative mind, thus you don’t need to have previous skill in painting to get started. Great for beginners and children.

● Includes an on-board library of 100 paintings from which you can copy, practice, or gain idea inspiration.

● Each button has a universal symbol, plus a voice explanation so that it can be learned without studying a user manual. Simply enter the settings to view the button description. Click the button name and the corresponding voice explanation will be played.

Save Automatically, Remember Every Step

minbay Pixel Artboard automatically saves up to up to 20,000 paintings and 3000 steps for each painting.

While you draw:

● Generally, a painting of 32 × 32 pixels requires less than 1000 steps.

● Deleting the painting will also delete the painting steps previously recorded and start recording again.

● To avoid error, if there is no operation after deleting, the artboard will not save the deleted painting.  


Powerful Battery for Endless Art

A full battery charge allows you to draw continuously for about 8 hours.

Adjusting the screen and automatic power-off time effectively increases the standby time. You can also optimize the system with upgrades from the APP via Bluetooth. 


Share Your Artwork with the World

Using the pixel ladder APP, paintings can be easily backed up and shared, available for both Android and ios systems!

All Pixel Artboard users can share, like, and learn the painting process with each other. Of course, you can also share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Import to PC for More Options

minbay includes a dedicated plug-in so that you can export your pixel paintings to PC for further editing and creative options.



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