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MAXXwasher Pro – The Revolutionary Kitchen Washer

400W Ultrasonic I MAXXcatalyst Tech I Super Fast Cleaning I Water Saving I Pesticides Removal I Chemical Free

MAXXwasher Pro has revolutionary tech with 400W Ultrasonic Power and patent MAXXcatalyst Tech that enables you to do your dishes in minutes, completely hand-free. It can remove pesticides and dirt on food surface using no chemicals at all, making it 100% safe to use every day.

MAXXwasher Pro will transform your sink into an green and cost-efficient dish & food washer, saving water for sustainable living. Besides, it is super easy to install and use.

MAXXwasher Pro cleans anything that fits inside your sink, from dishes to fruits and vegetables to baby toys and bottles. We designed MAXXwasher Pro to be compact, sustainable, and affordable to family households, yet rivals industrial washers in performance!

We bet no one likes to do dishes. When you have the choice, why would you like to touch the grody dishes, getting your hands dirty?

MAXXwasher Pro will do the washing on its own. This only happens thanks to our exclusive combination of High Ultrasonic and MAXXcatalyst Tech. It can even wash your food, like fruits, vegetables, seafood and so on. MAXXwasher Pro is bespoke for your kitchen.

We designed MAXXwasher Pro to be an all-purpose washer for your daily kitchen needs. It cleans anything that fits in the sink, from dishes to fruits and vegetables to large pots and stove burners, with using different modes. MAXXwasher Pro cleans your dishes and food effectively.

MAXXwasher Pro has the highest power among all household ultrasonic cleaning device with up to 400W Power. It can clean food, dishes, and kitchenware more efficiently and effectively.


Once turned on, vacuum bubbles are generated by the vibration of ultrasonic waves at 40,000 times/second. The strong shockwave that occurs will crush directly on the surface and remove stains and dirt. You can even do cleaning effectively without using detergent.

Patent MAXXcatalyst Technology is a high tech technology developed to clean food and kitchenware. It is safe for food and human body. By applying electricity through metal plates, water molecules decompose, generating millions of microbursts into the water. 


The high energy level throughout the reaction process acts as a catalyst and removes pesticides on the surface. The decomposed water molecules transform back to their original form after the process, leaving no residue behind. The in-house developed/patented MAXXcatalyst technology can even decompose the smell of ammonia.

MAXXwasher Pro has up to 400W vibration power, this ultrasonic dishwasher can wash your dishes without requiring using excess water, soap, or detergents. It can also be applied to food cleaning, pre-washing your fruits and veggies before you cook.

MAXXwasher Pro’s ultrasonic can easily remove oil stains and dirt. It cleans kitchenware of any materials like aluminum, plastic, silicone, etc.  You can easily wash anything quickly in less than a minute.


Countless micro-bubbles are created during the process, collides, and burst down onto the surface at once, destroying and removing dirt quickly and effectively.

Unlike a water splash from a dishwasher that is directional, the ultrasonic wave generated by MAXXwasher Pro is spread out and bounces around the sink before dispersing into the water. 


This not only speeds up the washing but also hits the item from all directions and won’t miss a single spot. Food with tiny gaps and holes, such as shellfish and veggies, is especially suitable for ultrasonic washing.

MAXXwasher Pro removes heavy metals, pesticides, and dirt that has accumulated on its surface. The process does not heat up, so you can feel safe to drop fresh fruits and defrost meat into it. Only the harmful materials are removed, not the great taste!

Pre-washed, double-washed — while it’s tempting to eat veggies and fruits straight from the grocery bag, don’t. Washing your food is important to remove chemicals and pesticides.


MAXXwasher Pro comes with the MAXXcatalyst Technology. It can not only clean your food but can also remove pesticides, or even dirt accumulated on the surface.

MAXXwasher Pro safely and effectively removes wax, soil and other residue found on fruits and vegetables.

MAXXwasher Pro can remove pesticides on the surface of the fruit and vegetables. No external chemical is added through the process, leaving no residue behind. You don’t even need to worry about using your bare hands during the process as it is completely harmless.

MAXXwasher Pro comes with five different modes, bespoke for different items. You may pick any one for your own choice.

MAXXwasher Pro is made to clean, and remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables, as well as on the cutting board, kitchen utensils, cutlery, wine glasses, and many more. For those all the parents out there, MAXXwasher Pro can be used to clean pacifiers, toys, and even baby bottles as it will not only remove all the pesticides but keep them 100% chemical-free.


Feeling tired of scrubbing pots and pans with that filthy old sponge? Even if you don’t have room for a bulky dishwasher, you can still clean your plates without getting your hands dirty. MAXXwasher Pro allows you to clean your dishes without having to deal with grease, water, or soap.

Farewell to freezing water and the backbreaking work of washing food and dishes! MAXXwasher Pro will replace your hands for the job, and does a better job at it. All you need is to place it into a metal kitchen sink, then MAXXwasher Pro will do the rest.

MAXXwasher Pro reuses the water throughout the washing process and only peaks at 400W. It requires less water and electricity to run as the dishwasher has to use water continuously. Direct energy also minimizes the need for hot water and cleaning supplies, so less chemical is required for the task. MAXXwasher Pro can clean off stubborn stains in a more effective, and efficient way.


MAXXwasher Pro does not just save you money from the bills, it saves cleaning supplies from being produced and disposed into the ocean. It is environmentally friendly and helps saving our planet.

MAXXwasher Pro is easy on your walls. It comes with ultra-adhesive strips that stick solidly to smooth surfaces without leaving any marks behind or you can simply place it on your kitchen counter next to your kitchen sink.

MAXXwasher Pro can be used for most dishes in daily life! There is no need to replace the dishes with the dishwasher, and the time and effort to check the tableware material and heat resistance every single time you use it.

MAXXwasher was designed to complement the modern lifestyle. So you can spend less time washing dishes and more time living your life.

Portable and Lightweight! MAXXwasher can be easily carried to anywhere to fit any lifestyle. Camping? Road Trip? Holidays? Temporary Home? MAXXwasher can be brought along with no hassle.

MAXXwasher Pro has been tested by a third-party laboratory. It is certified to remove pesticides.

MAXXwasher comes with a 1-year warranty, If your MAXXwasher experiences any quality issue or requires any part or main unit replacement during the warranty period, please feel free to contact us at