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Masuger-Customizable Amplitude for Various Deeper Percussion

World’s 1st massage gun w/ stepless adjustment of speed, amplitude & stall force. Target all the different muscle groups appropriately

We are pioneering massage guns one more time, combined with stepless adjustment of speed, stroke length and stall force all in one device. Masuger unlocks so many new ways to relieve your muscles, because it offers literally countless ways to combine and customize to create a truly personalized recharge routine. From your muscles to the fascias beneath, true percussive relaxation is caring for your muscles at a deeper level. Love your muscles and choose Masuger, the ultimate device for muscle health!

Find that sweet spot with Masuger! Thanks to breakthrough stepless adjustment, you’ll quickly and easily customize your perfect level of speed and pressure–exactly what you need to feel great again. Use for relief of muscle pain, soreness and stiffness whenever and wherever you want. No need for appointments with a private therapist when you’ve got Masuger on your side. Whether you’ve got ultra low or high threshold pain endurance, Masuger will work for you. This is truly advanced and effective massage technology on your terms and in the privacy of your own home.

Masuger gives you the power to achieve deeper muscle relief thanks to its innovative design and advanced features. And thanks to adjustable stroke length, you control the amplitude of pressure right for your perfect deep tissue experience.

Amplitude refers to a massager’s ability to reach deep–into the fascial layer of muscles. Masuger allows you to penetrate deep with a maximum 15 mm–that’s deeper than 90% of other massagers. Advanced adjustability makes it most effective for reaching depths appropriate for different body parts, beginning with a stroke length of 5mm going all the way up to 15mm. Start from the lowest and gradually increase to personalize a percussive experience comfortable for you.

There are over 600 muscles in the body–all of varying sizes and purposes. Yet most massage guns on the market have just a few fixed levels of speed adjustment, not nearly enough nuance for treating all of the body’s complex muscles! Masuger answers the call for truly customized care with stepless controls that allow you to increase or decrease speed from 1500rpm to 3200 rpm. Now, you can zero in on your perfect setting in order to gain the most from your massage in terms of pressure and speed, regardless of your pain threshold. There are literally unlimited speed levels for you to enjoy!

Adjustable smoothly stepless speed, no longer limited by fixed speed.

Target your trigger points while protecting bony areas like knees, spine and elbows. Masuger’s patented heads feature built-in springs for quick tension adjustment.

This unique design provides an optional cushion to Masuger’s exceptional percussive force, allowing you to move it over multiple areas of the body without feeling too intense. In technical terms, Masuger’s heads offer stepless-changing foce from 5kgf to 20kgf. In layman’s terms, that means a safe, effective and more comfortable massage.

Masuger features two screens – one on the unit’s side and one on the back. The side screen displays current speed while the one at the back features convenient one-touch controls for power on/off as well as indicates the working massage head it automatically identifies. And Masuger will automatically set the massage speed corresponding to that specific head to be the same one it was performed at the last time.

Masuger is smart enough to recognize the massage head and remember how fast you use it each time,

Equipped with a 2000 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, a fully charged Masuger massage gun provides 2 hours of continuous deep massage time before needing to be recharged. And with over-current protection, you can use it with confidence, knowing you’re protected while using.

Masuger brings it all together with incredible usability inside a package that looks great and is easy to use. It’s compact structure makes Masuger easy to hold, maneuver and store. Masuger is constructed of aluminum alloy, not plastic, so it’s sturdier and more reliable than competitive products. And because of this construction, Masuger doesn’t trap heat, ensuring your comfort even during extended use periods.

*A plug converter will be included for shipping outside the US.