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MARBOLOUS | 360° Design Marble Track

Your childlike fascination in a grown-up design. We’ve reinvented the classic marble track because we believe fascination knows no age.

 A 360° design object perfect for any desk at home & in your office. 

We incorporated those effects into a modern, natural and minimalistic aesthetic to create a completely new 360° design object. With MARBOLOUS, you’re able to interact with design.

A mechanical marble lifting system, integrated within the 360° metal track, dust protected under a glass dome – making mechanics a tangible experience and creating a completely new, interactive design product.

We used solely high quality materials as well as the team’s decades of experience in engineering and product design to built MARBOLOUS to last. Here are some nerdy details we are proud to share with you: 

CAUTION: MARBOLOUS has a mesmerizing effect on everyone!

Interact with design – it’s as simple as you imagine:

The stackable tracks come in two shapes which we call “Brezel” and “Anti-Brezel” (you know, Germans and our love for pretzels).

Marble tracks are mostly expensive collector’s pieces – and even barely available:


MARBOLOUS is designed and engineered for everyone.


The mechanical lifting system and the direction changing track not only build a stunning marble track, but also lay the foundation to become a new design icon.

Quality materials only – because that’s how much we love marble tracks

Easily push the stable lifting lever whenever – when you’re stuck in a virtual call, putting together a presentation, or when you just need to detach from reality.

Prices are fixed in EUR – other currencies like USD and GBP may slightly vary due to exchange rates.

Back now and choose between White & Black Edition at the end of the campaign.


Please understand that it is currently very difficult to determine exact shipping costs due to the highly fluctuating market prices. Therefore shipping will be calculated after the campaign ends. Nevertheless, we would like to give you the approximate costs from our shipping partners without any obligation:

USA (12-15 USD), CANADA (15-20 USD), EUROPE (12-16 USD), ASIA (15-20 USD)

We offer two sleek design editions. The Black Edition comes with white marbles on a black track. The White Edition comes with black marbles on a white track.

Customize your MARBOLOUS with our marble set add-ons in Moss Green, Crystal Blue, or Mottled Red. Each color set contains 25 marbles.

After the campaign ends you can choose which Edition should be yours  


  •  25x Glass marbles
  • 1x Glass dome
  • 1x Track start module
  • 6x Track modules
  • 1x Track end module
  • 3x Assembly rods
  • 1x Socket with lifting system
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Baffy & Jan have known each other from a very young age and bonded over- you guessed it – marbles. After the first wave of the pandemic, they decided to create a product that lets you dip into the careless days of your childhood while sitting at your desk.


“Baffy quit his job as COO at one of the fastest growing clean tech companies in the world, to pursue his dream of sharing his passion for marble tracks. He is currently splitting his time between his family and MARBOLOUS.”  – Jan


“Jan has a leading role in a family business and his wife just gave birth to their first child. What better time to start building a marble empire on the site in the midst of a pandemic?” – Baffy 

Design process – many, many, many, many ideas

You will never believe how much wire we bent until the first prototype was ready to roll

MARBOLOUS so hot right now! At the glass blower

Late night engineering: A real marble enthusiast needs no sleep!