MagStick: Professional MagSafe Mobile Tripod for Photography

Nail your social media pictures with it!

MagStick is changing the way people capture moments and share their lives. You shouldn’t have to settle for low-quality photos and videos. Then again, you shouldn’t have to rely on insecure bulky tripods or fragile selfie sticks either. That’s where our MagSafe-compatible tripod comes in.

With MagStick, the innovative professional tripod,  you’ll never miss a shot and get insanely creative footage. As the world’s first MagSafe tripod for smartphones, MagStick is designed to help you take amazing pictures and videos with single-hand operation. Moreover, MagStick also works for cameras and GoPro, satisfying all your photographic needs.

Negative comments about conventional tripods

Overall, most conventional tripods have many flaws, especially with their clamp design and Bluetooth. They’re inconvenient, flimsy, bulky, and easy to hurt your hands. There are many shortcomings to be improved to make it worth your top camera phone. That’s why we’ve come up with MagStick.

——Yunhui Gong takes MagStick into his photographic composition and benefits a great deal!

Secure your phone perfectly in seconds.

Utilizing its “Global First MagSafe” design, MagStick allows you to quickly snap your phone onto the mount for those moments of spontaneous filming. Remove traditional tripods’ defects of clumsy operation, hands injury with clamp and loose mount of long-time use. With its innovative magnetic visual positioning technology, MagStick achieves better photographic and video performance in less time and energy consumption.

Don’t worry about your device slipping or falling. MagStick utilizes the strongest magnets available to secure your device. And for added protection, the quick-clamping mechanism is used to get double safeguard to enhance the effects. MagStick uses smart, one-touch clamping to secure your phone tightly in place, engineered so as to avoid any damage when you use it in strenuous exercise or rough roads, and ensures a firm grip, regardless of phone size.

With MagStick’s innovative snap-on magnetic and one-touch clamping mobile phone tripod, you can say goodbye to fumbling around trying to secure your device and missing the perfect shot. Its innovative design ensures a secure grip on your phone and makes for easy and convenient one-handed operation.

Most phone tripods are simply functionally inadequate, which ends up compromising the quality of your photos and videos, especially when you use a phone tripod for regular shoots. MagStick has no such drawbacks, with its ingenious clamp, which can be used to mount both compact LED lights and a separate microphone, your mobile footage will be of higher quality and look more professional.

Suitable for pro content creators & novices alike

It doesn’t matter if you’re a content creator or someone who just wants to take a nice photo, MagStick is great for all kinds of content creation, including photos, video recording, and live streaming on TikTok, YouTube, and all social platforms.

The multi-functional MagStick is an innovative two-in-one kit that quickly transforms from a tripod to a selfie stick. Capture perfectly framed selfies or those hard-to-get shots, like over a crowd, with the telescoping arm extender. It’s an ideally versatile tool that helps you maximize all your photo and video capabilities.

360° horizontal and 180° vertical rotation allows for panoramic video.

Take your photography and videography to a whole new level. MagStick supports horizontal 360° rotation in the clamp and vertical 180° rotation in the connector, giving you unlimited freedom to take amazing photos and footage from a wider angle and higher vantage points. Everything from travel shooting to wide-angle shots of parties, weddings, or beautiful outdoor panoramas – MagStick lets you do it all!

High-Performance Tripod Exempt Your Extra Worries

Can support cameras weighing up to 1kg

If you love taking action photos while on the move, MagStick delivers the stability you need to get the perfect shot. Snap your phone on MagStick, and it stays securely in place; no sliding around or falling off. Even if you wobble it or place it on uneven ground, MagStick maintains its stability, letting you take great action shots with ease.

Practically every smartphone model is compatible with MagStick (well, 99%). Otherwise, what good would all these innovative features be if MagStick couldn’t even hold your device? MagStick securely holds iPhone 12/13 series, and other phones can be MagSafe-compatible too, with a metallic ring. In addition, it has a clamp and a one-touch clamping feature that keeps your device free from the damage of all kinds of harsh environments, allowing you to capture each breathtaking shot anytime, anywhere!

MagStick is an incredibly versatile mobile tripod that is compatible with all types of smartphones. And to help raise your photo and video game even further, simply unscrew the magnetic clamp, to reveal a standard 1/4 inch screw, which allows you to attach a compact camera or a GoPro.

MagStick not only allows you to take amazing cinematic-like footage with its one-piece embedded Bluetooth, but it also lets you take those incredible shots from up to 49 feet away – hands-free! With its detachable Bluetooth control, you can simply trigger your phone and camera’s shutter remotely, which is useful for those big group or grand scenery shots. No need to download any apps and the remote is coin battery-powered and good for up to 75 hours of continuous use at one time!

With MagStick’s robust design and durable materials, you get years of enjoyment and amazing videos and photos. Unlike most tripods on the market, which use steel construction and ABS, MagStick uses a high-end PC and lightweight aluminum alloy, making it stand out from others. Every part of MagStick is serviceable,and can be easily cleaned, making it stronger and sturdier than other average tripods on the market. No worrying about damaging components or experiencing functional defects that result in poor-quality pictures and videos.

MagStick is the do-it-all, go-anywhere mobile tripod that enhances all your photos and videos. No cumbersome cords, no apps to download. It’s super-easy to pack without having to worry about losing any accessories. Crafted from lightweight aluminum steel, this telescoping tripod easily fits a photography bag or a backpack.