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MagPac™: Modular Magnetic Organizing Series For Bag and More

Interchangeable & versatile magnetic modules that allow you to customize your bag compartments and organize things like never before

We often buy bags for specific purposes like traveling, hanging out, daily commute, client meetings…etc., eventually you will have tons of bags at home, in fact, you might only use them once or twice. If functionality is what you are looking for, we’ve got great news for you! 

LHiDS is always pursuing the greatest solution for modular organizing. We’ve come up with two ideas for you to organize your office space in a more efficient way. In 2022, we continue to create a new modular magnetic organizing design for bags. So now we can proudly introduce you to MagPac, the versatile modular magnetic bag series that allows you to customize and rearrange the inner compartments of your bag for multiple needs!

The same bag BUT with different organizers for different occasions

The highlight of MagPac is that each bag is multi-functional. They are customizable, rearrangeable, and interchangeable with your organizing style and packing needs. This means a laptop sleeve can be more than just a laptop sleeve, it can even become a shoulder bag, a hand carry-bag, and more according to your needs.

Multi-functional modules organize everything well for you

The secret to our customizable and interchangeable bag is the versatile magnetic modules. There are 6+1 modules categorized into three types: Mesh modules, Band modules, and card organizers with multiple slots. These module designs will satisfy your need for better organizing and packing.

Everything is well-fit and stays in order even during drastic movement, you can instantly get what you need within seconds!

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

No more cluttered and messy bags!

The benefits of modular magnetic compartment design are customizability, rearrangeability, and interchangeability. Our modularized packing system takes organizing to the next level, giving you high packing efficiency and helping you with space-saving. Arrange and assemble each module in your bag the way you want them to be!

Customize the bag by snapping on magnetic modules.

Your things will stay right where they are even during movement

Tidy and space-saving

It’s inconvenient when you’re checking out at the store or getting on the bus but couldn’t reach your cards firsthand, and you may even feel stressed from the others waiting in line… But this won’t be happening with the help from MagPac. MagPac will ensure you are going out with convenience and a stress-free mind, and that you will always be able to reach your cards in an instant.

It’s time to say goodbye to those cluttered and messy moments.

Still dumping out things from one bag and repacking them in another when you need to use a different bag? With MagPac, this inefficient and time-consuming task is a thing of the past. MagPac magnetic modular organizers will maximize your packing efficiency. Simply detach the magnetic organizer from one bag and attach it to another, and the packing will be done in a snap.

Always stay organized whether you are working at the office or traveling abroad! The MagPac Magnetic Modular Organizers also work seamlessly with the MagEasy Magnetic Organizing Board, keeping office supplies in place and within reach.

Magnetic modules are universal and compact. They’re not limited to organizing the MagPac bag series but also double as dividers and organizers for almost all other bags.

Instead of overstuffing your drawer with randomly scattered items, you can keep them neatly in MagPac and get ready for packing for your next trip.

MagPac modular magnetic organizers are the solutions to simplifying the packing task for a short trip. You can always have travel essentials ready with the help of magnetic modules and the packing task will be done in just seconds. No more struggles when thinking about what to bring on your trip, your luggage will be well-organized, and nothing will burst out of your effortlessly-shut suitcase.

Have everything prepared with magnetic modules for any scenarios, especially for emergencies. When an urgent moment comes, don’t think too much, just grab the essentials and run!

We understand the importance of a bag that being able to switch the style from one to another. Carrying one bag on hand can be stylish, but if you want to free hands, clip the nylon strap on and throw it on your shoulders. It’s compatible with both Laptop Sleeve and Slim Pouch! 

This is MagEasy, the efficient desktop organizing kit that keeps every office piece of supplies well organized. Each equipped magnetic gadget is fully-customizable and allows you to design the desktop in your own way.

MagPac Magnetic Modules can be its upgraded organizing kit. Take the module down from the MagEasy Board and snap-on MagPac Bag Series, mobile office get!