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Magicpen M1: Multifunctional Mini Electric Pen

The World’s Most Versatile Electric Pen | Supports engraving, polishing, drilling, nail polish cleaning, electric screwdrivers and more

The world’s first multi-function switchable power tool pen is here

This compact and multifunctional electric pen integrates screwdriver function and engraving pen function, users can switch functions at any time during work, which will make work very convenient; easy to operate and very practical – ideal for home and studio use ; Rechargeable lithium battery design for added convenience.

M1 is versatile and adaptable to any scene, whether you’re creating miniatures, jewelry, prototypes, sculptures, or more intricate art/design pieces, the M1 is the perfect artifact.

It can also clean up nail polish for your loved one.

When you need to turn a screw, it can act as an electric screwdriver for your convenience 

The Magicpen M1 lets you focus on your work, and it supports many features that allow you to create as you please while you work.

It carves/sands all materials, metal, plastic, stone, wood, crystal, etc.

The M1 also turns into an electric screwdriver when you need it.

It can also be turned into a nail tool.

The M1 can switch at will between engraving/polishing mode and screwdriver mode.

Without sacrificing speed or torque, the M1 achieves a true 2-in-1

  Screwdriver module, built-in 1:50 planetary reduction gear set, large torque. Speed ​​160/240/480rpm 3 gears adjustable

Engraving/polishing module, built-in high-precision bearing, the axial accuracy is within 0.01mm. Speed ​​8000/12000/24000rpm  3 gears adjustable

One-key switching speed, responding to different products, using push-type work design, allowing you to do whatever you want.

 Magicpen M1 button function introduction

The built-in 500mAh battery lasts for 90 minutes and supports fast charging function, which can be fully charged in 30 minutes. And it supports working while charging.

To improve consistency and performance, we employ a chuck system. This system reduces the chance of problems and is convenient for our users.

Magnetic attachment to help keep fasteners secure while you work and prevent parts from falling and missing.

The whole is made of aluminum alloy material, which brings ultra-light weight and durability.

M1 is super small, easy to carry and store, and has a variety of tool attributes, making you happy to play!