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Macco: A Portable Dishwasher for Smaller Households

Fit Small Spaces, No Installation Needed | 70°C Wash & Drying, Always Get Warmed & Sparkling Plates | Get Clean Fruit & Veg in 18mins

It’s the stuff of nightmares – wet towels, smelly sponges, and dried-out hands – all the things you dread about another night at the kitchen sink washing dishes.

We bet we can guess what the problem is: No space for a dishwasher. Why install one in your rented apartment. Just too expensive to integrate a dishwasher into your home. We hear you!

That’s why we introduce Macco dishwasher. 

Compact and Portable, Hot Water Wash & Drying, Eliminates 99.9% Bacteria, Installation-free, Macco is the perfect way to solve all your dishwashing dilemmas in your current home and in the next because when you move you simply take Macco with you!  

  It also takes care of your kitchen emergency when you need a dish or two right away. It does a super quick wash, saving on water and your time! 

Macco marks the end of too much time spent washing up and brings a dishwasher to the top of your home appliance wishlist! “Less washing, more living” can now be your new motto!

 Review Video by YouTuber Cymye Midori 

  Unlike a conventional dishwasher that often requires a complicated installation of the pipe work, Macco saves you all that trouble by working right out of the box. Whether you’re in a small apartment, an office, a mobile home or boat, it couldn’t be easier! Just plug it in, connect your water source and go!   

1.For temporary use – add water to the water tank in the bottom of the unit.

2.For long-term use in a fixed place – connect a water pipe to your tap.

3.For use outside of your kitchen – connect the inlet pipe to any water container to suck water with the built-in pump.

Macco delivers a 360-degree spray of pressurized water up to 70℃/158℉, which results in perfect streak-free cleaning. No oil, no residue, no reminders of meals gone by! Its powerful jet wash breaks down every baked on pot, plate, and pan while blitzing through the toughest grime.  

You might think your choices are limited with such a small unit, but Macco actually offers six different programs to cater for all your lifestyle needs.

Just like a regular dishwasher but even more powerful, Macco blasts dishes with hot air at the end of the washing cycle. It also makes Macco an ideal plate warmer that, at the press of a button, gives you lovely warm plates on which to serve dinner.

The rapid drying process eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, which is perfect way to keep your dishes clean all the time.    

It’s important to wash our fruit and vegetables but not always easy. Macco can now take over this job too. If you hate messing around with sieves and strainers and don’t have enough space to spread everything out to dry, just pop them all into macco and in just 18 minutes your fruit and vegetables will come out dirt and contaminate-free.  

Even though Macco is ultra-compact and has been designed to fit into any size kitchen, it is surprisingly spacious. It fits regular 12” dinner plates and 12” frying pans as well as baking pans and chopping boards that measure 16×12”. Just another way in which Macco never compromises! 

So, who does Macco suit? The compact capacity makes Macco ideal for everyday use by one person or a couple. For dinner parties or entertaining, Macco can get through all your dishes in a few rapid batches, and of course, it’s perfect for warming plates ready to serve your meal.  

 The operation of Macco is super easy, a one-touch button selects the mode you want.

Another space-saving feature of Macco is its ‘Preserve’ function. You can store your dishes in Macco and because of its ventilation system, it keeps everything free of odor, moisture, and mildew. It’s this function that allows you to warm your plates prior to a meal.

The custom-designed water tank allows you to add water without raising your arm. It is also fully detachable to open for regular cleaning and disinfection—no need to worry about furring and mold.

Safety First!  Keeping your child safe is always number one. And here at Macco, it’s ours too. Macco has a built-in childproof lock which means they can’t touch any moving parts, no matter how curious they might be.

If you want to delay Macco’s washing time, just set the timer to a later that suits you.

 For the curious, you can always see what’s happening while your dishes are washing, Macco has a unique feature of a transparent panel that allows you to see inside all the way through the washing cycle.  

Our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of households and offices. We achieve our mission by creating compelling products that improve your daily life. Macco does just that.