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M1 STEM CAR is an artificial intelligence educational robot designed to unleash the endless creativity and potential of learners!

What is M1 STEM Car?

The M1 STEM Car

M1 STEM car is an educational robot designed to unleash the endless creativity and potential of the learner. The M1 STEM Car is not just a toy car, but in fact it is an artificial intelligence robot that is designed to inspire, educate and motivate learners to learn about programming, electronics, engineering, mathematics and robotics.

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” -Mr. Rogers

To encourage a learner’s interest, play is a serious learning.  It is important to supply children with the right learning tools to pick up new knowledge.   Through play, children are naturally learning, exploring the different possibilities and at the same time being motivated.   STEM education is the key to help children to explore the different subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With STEM education trending around the world, it is crucial for educators and parents to offer the right STEM learning tools to help unleash the learners and childen potentials, and to help to develop all rounded STEM skills and knowledge.   

What will you learn from your M1 STEM Car?

What will you learn from your M1 STEM Car?

What will you learn from your M1 STEM Car?

The M1 STEM Car helps learner to explore their potential curriculum! It is not a normal robotic car, you can program your own car!

Through playing with the M1 STEM Car, we will help learner develop creative thinking, data analysis, logical deduction, problem-solving skills and mechanical knowledge, etc. While learning programming, learner will explore and open to the new world of computer science.  Let’s start your journey of the new learning era!!

 Main Features  Why are we different? 

Main Features of M1 STEM Car

What is micro:bit? 

What is micro:bit?

Basically, micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that provides a machine for to learn to code. By using micro:bit and the M1 STEM Car to educate children about graphical programming, electronics and robots, it is a simple and easy way to learn programming which learner do not require any prior experience and still enjoy the coding process with creative minds. Learner can code, control and monitor the M1 STEM Car from everywhere to learn about coding easily to build your own amazing intelligent robot car!

Modular Design and the powerful micro:bit extension board

M1 STEM Car – The Modular Design

M1 STEM Car – Build your own M1 STEM Car

Thanks to the modular design, the M1 STEM Car now is full of possibility, learners can mix and match hardware and sensors by children’s imagination. Compatible with LEGO blocks, combine with the powerful micro:bit Extension Board, learners can unlatch various features of the M1 STEM Car below!  

Lego Compatible Design

M1 STEM Car – Lego Compatible Design

M1 STEM Car – Lego Compatible Design

To deliver an easy and quick attaching experience, some parts and sensors can be mounted to the car with Lego parts

Line Following

M1 STEM Car – Line Following

M1 STEM Car – Line Following

Equipped with infrared track sensor to detect the line track, the M1 STEM Car can follow the track by itself.

IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensors

M1 STEM Car – IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensors

M1 STEM Car – IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensors

When the ultrasonic sensor detects an obstacle, the M1 STEM Car will avoid the obstacles and continue its route.  

360⁰ Omnidirectional Movement 

M1 STEM Car – The 360⁰ Omnidirectional Movement

Allow the M1 STEM Car to drive in any direction without changing the orientation of the Car!

Transverse Wave

M1 STEM Car – The Transverse Wave

It can simply move in and out by moving your car horizontally, no wheels direction changing is needed!

Play your favorite music with M1 STEM Car

M1 STEM Car – Play Music with your M1 STEM Car

The Light Show

M1 STEM Car – The Light Show

M1 STEM Car – The Light Show

It provides cool lighting effects and various types of music!!

You can change various color lighting effects to make your M1 STEM Car dazzling in the dark.

 Explode Your Creativity with Extensions! 

M1 STEM Car – The Extensions

M1 STEM Car is scalable, expandable, it will grow with your child’s learning needs.  It is designed to work with different extensions, to help they learn to explode their imagination and creativity.

It is our mission to extend these benefits to every child we meet. Teaching them the joy of breaking down computing puzzles one step at a time, or seeing their faces light up as they test out their newly created game is what we motivate what we are doing. M1 STEM Car is a perfect educational tool for children and beginners who are looking to get into a robotics program, they can configure different items while they create their own M1 STEM Car. We have designed extra components for you to assemble all the components on a manifold.


By adjusting the components of the gripper, you can grab whatever you want!


M1 STEM Car – The loader

The Loader is of big capacity, simulates the situation on sites, can stably and safely carry an amount of gravel, concrete, etc.

 Extra controller Extra Fun! – The Mobile App and the Remote Controller 

Connect Your Smartphones and the M1 STEM Car

M1 STEM Car – The “Stemhub Car”App

Download the “Stemhub Car” app  to remotely control your robot car via Bluetooth. Your mobile phone becomes a remote control, the robot car can be controlled from a distance by using your mobile phone.

The Radio Remote Control

M1 STEM Car – The Radio Remote Control

Of course, you can control the car by using the remote controls to achieve tricks, mission and take your car to go wherever you want!

 AI Technology & AI Camera 

Thanks to the AI Camera, the M1 STEM Car is able to recognize different objects and perform actions with different objects or tags. 

Color Recognition

M1 STEM Car – Color Recognition

M1 STEM Car with AI Camera – Color Recognition

The AI camera is applied to the detection of object color. It will scan and analyze the colors on the signs. The M1 STEM Car with AI Camera now can recognise different colors and perform various action as learner wish .

Facial Recognition 

M1 STEM Car – Facial Recognition

M1 STEM Car with AI Camera – Face Recognition (Accepted)

M1 STEM Car with AI Camera – Face Recognition (Rejected)

Artificial intelligence system through the lens. Detect facial features, recognition and authentication. Use your personal identity to unlock the vehicle!

Object Recognition 

M1 STEM Car – Object Recognition

M1 STEM Car with AI Camera – Object Recognition

             M1 STEM Car with AI Camera identify over 20 preset objects. Also make corresponding actions with objects.

Object Tracking 

M1 STEM Car – Object Tracking

M1 STEM Car with AI Camera is able to recognize objects as they move into frame in front of the AI camera and the M1 STEM Car will follow the object.

Automated Driving 

M1 STEM Car – The Automated Driving

Our M1 STEM Car with AI Camera now is capable of sensing its environment and moves automatically.

The Smart City

What is Smart City?

The Smart City

A Smart City is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare.   In our stimulated Smart City kit, it includes different sensors and electronic methods to collect and share data over the Internet to create different scenarios among the various components within the Smart City. 

Smart Traffic Lights

Smart City – The Smart Traffic Lights

When the obstacle infrared avoidance sensor on the pedestrian road is triggered, a pedestrian is detected crossing the road, The intelligent traffic light will intelligently switch to the red light and control the brakes of the vehicle.

After few seconds, the intelligent traffic light will switch back to the green light and the vehicle can resume partial operation.

The Smart Barrier

Smart City – The Smart Barrier

The smart barrier open and close operation is controlled by 180ᵒ servo. The barrier will open automatically if a car is detected. 

Automated Smart Street Lamp

Smart City – The Smart Street Lamp

Light sensors detect the environmental brightness and obstacle Infrared avoidance sensor detect if there is a car coming. If it is getting dark and there is a car coming from afar, the LED light should turn on.

Smart Street Sign

Smart City – The Smart Street Sign

Simulated Smart Street Sign can connect to the network, so that the vehicles can know how to automatically turn to take passengers to their destination as quickly as possible. It improves vehicle mobility, city efficiency and productivity.

Advantages of Smart City

  • More effective, data-driven decision-making
  • Enhanced citizen and government engagement
  • Safer communities
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Improved transportation

 Lessons Plan


The STEM Education Resources

We provide several coding courses for kids ages 4-16 to start learning coding. The lessons are designed for students to learn and obtain new skills.  In addition, we give access to the students in learning coding via our Stemhub platform, which ‘M1 STEM Car’ and ‘Smart City’ will also be provided for learning assistance throughout the program.