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Lumos Firefly | The Ultimate Bike Light System

Firefly upgrades your ride with turn signals, brake lights, synchronized flashing and magnetic mounting.


Firefly lights convey far more information than regular bike lights. They can indicate where you’re going and when you’re slowing down.


Bike-mounted turn signals

*If you already have a Lumos Remote, it will work with Firefly. Otherwise you can purchase it as an additional accessory


Automatic brake lights

Brake lights tell drivers when you are slowing down so they can react accordingly and avoid hitting you from behind. 

When brake lights are activated, all rear lights will act as brake lights in sync making the warning even more obvious.

Brake lights are activated via a sensor built into the Lumos Remote. Lumos Remote is sold as an additional accessory. 

Only one remote is required to control the whole system. 

Firefly is designed specifically to increase your chances of being seen on the road.


Synchronized flashing

Synced lights spread out across the rider and the bike result in a much larger visibility footprint. It is much easier for a motorist to spot multiple lights moving in unison together and to help intuitively determine the size and distance of the rider so that they can give the necessary space required to avoid a collision.

Team Sync Activated

Extend syncing to your entire group and ride with your whole peloton flashing in sync.

Having the flexibility to place a Firefly anywhere is what makes them so useful. No matter how you ride, there’ll be a way to securely attach multiple Firefly to your setup.


Red + white + yellow LEDs in every Firefly

Place your Firefly lights wherever you like. Since each Firefly carries red, yellow and white diodes, it can act as either a front, rear and/or turn signal light. If you change your mind about your setup, no need to buy more, just switch the position of your light through the app and off you go.

If you run out of battery on a Firefly but need a light there, just swap it out with another Firefly allowing you to safely get to your destination and charge them again.

Making Firefly a pleasure to use was our top priority to ensure that you never forget them and can spend less time worrying about your lights and more time enjoying your ride.


All Firefly lights turn off auto-magically

You don’t need to waste time turning each of the lights off one by one. Simply turn one Firefly off and the rest will follow. If you have a helmet synced as well, the same behavior will apply there too.

Magnetic mounting

Don’t waste time fumbling around trying to attach your bike lights every time you want to ride. With the Firefly magnetic mounting system, effortlessly pop them all in within seconds and remove them just as easily. 

Our Lumos app is rated 4.8 stars with over 2K reviews on iOS and Google Play. We’ve improved it even further now to pair multiple Lumos products and use them all at the same time. One app to control everything and one less thing to worry about.

Effortlessly set up your ride

Simply drag and drop each Firefly where it needs to be and assign it as either a front or rear light and add turn signal capability all in one go. 

Let loose with customizations

Customize your blink patterns and brightness to suit your riding preferences. Choose hi-vis mode for maximum visibility on the road, or battery saver mode for the longest lasting mode of up to 35 hours.

We heard your feedback and co-created these bike lights with you

The idea for Lumos Firefly was conceived through hearing what you wanted to see next from us.

The awesomeness of Firefly is a direct reflection of our community as it has been built on top of all your valuable feedback, suggestions and beta testing.

Co-founder and Head of Design Bilal responding to requests

We’ve created a few options for mounts so that you have the flexibility to mount Firefly anywhere.


Universal Mount

This mounting option is included with every Firefly and allows for mounting on either the front handlebar, rear seat post, forks of the bike, scooters, bags, helmets and more. 

Turn Signal Mount

A sleek dedicated mount to enable you to mount 2 Firefly lights onto the front and rear of your bike. At 20cm apart, they act like the turn signals you’d expect on a motorized road vehicle. Now you’re speaking the language of the road. 

Handlebar End Mount

We designed these mounts to drastically improve your side visibility. These mounts are angled so that they can be seen 260 degrees from both the rear and the sides. 

Each handlebar end mount comes with an integrated foot so that you lean your bike against a wall.

The mounts can be placed on any handlebar end ranging from internal handlebar diameters from 16.75mm -19.5mm / 0.66inch – 0.76inch.

Don’t see the right mount for you? Tell us here, and we’ll see what we can do.

Fuss free wireless charging

Bid good riddance to tangled cables because Firefly charges with any standard Qi wireless charger, even Magsafe! Charging your bike lights has never been this easy. 

Every Firefly bundle comes with one charging cradle so that you can charge your Firefly even if you don’t own any wireless chargers. 

Each cradle comes with these super cute interchangeable legs if you want to inject some life into it.


Super waterproof

Firefly is durable and IPX6 waterproof. Ride with Firefly in any weather knowing that they can take it. 

Syncs with Lumos helmets

While you do NOT need a Lumos helmet in order to use Firefly, if you do have one, Firefly lights are a perfect complement as they sync with any of your Lumos helmets!

Full power for great day-time visibility

Firefly is plenty bright to be seen during the day, but we went further. We’ve enabled boost mode* so that you can really crank out the power to become extra visible on the road.

*Activating boost mode will consume battery life much faster.

Battery Life

For such a small package, Firefly lasts a really long time. Coupled with the app, you can customize the flash patterns to crank out runtimes as long as 35 hours, before needing a recharge. 

Going for extra long rides? We’ve got you covered. Firefly lights last over 35 hours on battery saver mode.

 project video thumbnail

We know that everyone is different and has their own preferences when it comes to riding. Whilst Firefly is really versatile, it might be a little confusing trying to figure out exactly what to get. So we’ve made a rough guide to help you get started on what accessories you’ll need for your ride.