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Lugos:The Most Stylish And Multifunctional Fan Ever

Lugos is a masterpiece of multifunctional fan in cooling, lighting, and bug repellent. Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.



Hot weather, pesky bugs, dark inconvenience, and battery died typically spoil your camping fun. This is why we launched Lugos. Lugos is designed to alleviate the majority of your travel-related concerns with minimalist and functional design. You don’t need to bring as much gear as you did in the past; with Lugos, you can enjoy the most comfortable and sophisticated camping moment.

The height-adjustable advantage and built-in hook allow lugos to be used on the floor, or table or hung from your tent’s ceiling. What’s even fanciful is that you may hang it on a tree branch to get the most natural, refreshing breeze.

Lugos is the best companion to provide you with the wind power you want, from soft to strong.  Featuring fast-charge technology, After a single charge(4hrs), lugos can work for 15 hrs continuously.No more battery drain panic. All you need to do is feel optimal comfort with lugos exactly when you need it and where you need it. 

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The brushless motors guarantee a smooth operation.It comes with whisper-quiet feature that works on the principle of more airflow, less noise to give you a better sleep.  

The wireless remote gives you the freedom to  switch to any speed and light mode from a distance with minimum movement. 

Thanks to this built-in powerful magnetic suction accessory, you can now hold the remote control to the rear grill panel.Say goodbye to the daily rush to find your remote control.

Lugos is brimmed with a circular ambient light.This awesome fan can doubles up as a light source that will exuding gentle air and cozy light to satisfy both your cooling and lighting needs at once.

 Another benefit that lugos has over other fan products is that it enables reverse charging, so you can charge your mobile or anything else that supports USB charging when you’re on-the-go!

Lugos comes with fresh air and mosquito repellent features! Which help you stay cool while driving those pesky insects away at the same time. Thus, one device can create the most comfortable conditions on your trip. YOU CAN PICK UP ANY COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE REFILL TO USE WITH LUGOS HEATING DEVICE.

Aromatherapy has long been a part of human existence which may enhance the wellness of your skin,body and mind.whether at home or in the great outdoors,you can always plus a drop of your preferred liquid to build a unforgettable moment with effortless grace with your loved ones. 

 Lugos Mental Molds

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