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Luba: An Intelligent, Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower

No Perimeter Cable | Multi-zone Management | Mow up to 5,000㎡ | Obstacle Avoidance | App Control | 75% Slope (AWD) | Auto-recharging


Meet Luba, a revolutionary robotic lawnmower that delivers the picture-perfect lawn with a hands-free experience. Thanks to more than 80 patents, Luba features advanced RTK navigation and an interconnected smart system that allows users to program virtual zones in the app schedule. It can autonomously map and mow with higher cutting efficiency and lead off-road capability for all types of lawns, including complex terrain.

Setting up Luba has never been so easy! With the app control, you can just walk with Luba along the boundaries of the initial mapping to program your multi-cutting zone without the hassle of digging or burying the wires.

Luba’s Intelligent Navigation System with RTK and multi-sensor fusion ensures precise positioning in the cm-level accuracy, making it a breakthrough in autonomous lawn mowing. With a full constellation and full-frequency RTK module and patented algorithm to improve positioning stability, Luba continues to mow even when the satellite signal is temporarily weak.

Featuring a smart app, you can easily create no-go zones, from protecting your flower beds to children’s playgrounds. You can edit the mowing zones based on seasonal changes and much more!  

Is your lawn divided into several zones? Don’t worry! Simply create and set mowing tasks for separate mowing areas and add connecting paths in the smart app under Multi-zone Management. Sit back and watch Luba automatically perform the job in different zones.

Luba can traverse a variety of mowing zones and climb up to a 75% slope thanks to its hub motor and four rugged tires. In addition, Luba has the best-in-class power capability compared to two-wheeled mowers, making it easy to traverse uneven or rough terrain without getting stuck.

Luba has four ultrasonic radars that can automatically detect obstacles as small as 2 inches with the Field of View (FOV) of 220 degrees and avoid them during the rest of the lawn mowing operation. 

Designed with safety in mind, the Collision Avoidance System and three bumpers also ensure Luba automatically brakes and turns in another direction when encountering any foreign object.

The 10Ah large battery capacity enables Luba to mow up to 1500m ² per charge, allowing up to 5000 ㎡ to be mowed daily. When the battery is low, it automatically returns to the charging dock and continues the interrupted mowing session once it is 85% charged.

The outstanding dual cutting plates within the cutting width of 400mm and the adjustable cutting height of 25mm-60mm promise efficient mowing and a well-tended lawn.

The advanced self-planning routes algorithm, based on an Intelligent Navigation System with RTK and multi-sensor fusion, enables Luba to map mowing routes between different zones efficiently.

Compared to conventional robotic mowers, the planned route algorithms can eliminate repetitive movements to deliver impressive results with three times improved mowing efficiency.  

In addition, Luba’s unique combination of edge cutting and corner cutting provides a greener and healthier lawn.

The anti-theft system automatically locks Luba when it leaves your GEO fence. Moreover, you will be notified of potential theft with an alert via your Mammotion app, allowing you to track Luba.

The advanced rain sensor enables Luba to detect rain, and it will automatically go back to the charging dock. Luba will continue the interrupted mowing task when the rain stops for the perfect lawn results.

Your safety is our top priority. Luba has innovative safety technologies such as lift and tilt sensors, blade stop sensors, cutting blade fenders, front and side bumpers, and much more to ensure the safety of your family.

Say goodbye to the noisy lawnmowers, and never worry about disturbing your neighbors again. You can enjoy a quiet and relaxed environment even when Luba is working.

The waterproof IPX6 can help you easily clean Luba with water for regular maintenance.

With the advanced interconnected smart system, you can easily preset and adjust the mowing schedule for any connected area of your garden and track real-time mowing status and locations anywhere with the Mammotion App. Enjoy other upcoming features and performance improvements with the OTA update in the app.

Luba was developed by the Mammotion team with the goal of bringing innovative robotic solutions and the best performance in lawn care to the market. Check out how Luba stacks up! 

If you choose Luba, you can save up to $2,400 per year compared to hiring a lawn service at an average of $200-250 per month for your lawn maintenance. Moreover, the time you spend caring for the lawn could have enjoyed your free time while Luba does all the mowing work for you.