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LiON Mini, Battery & Solar Powered Car Freezer

Ice-free tech keeps drinks and food chilled for road trips & recreation. Adjustable temperature from -4°F to 43°F.

For nearly a decade, LiONCooler has been known for it’s battery & solar-powered fridge freezers and our dedication to providing off-grid and portable power solutions to consumers. We’re so excited and proud to introduce the LiON Mini, the newest technology in the portable, fridge, freezer, cooler market – designed with more versatility with a battery that also functions as an external power bank so you can power on-the-go.

Introducing LiON Mini, the world’s first battery powered freezer designed for road trips and outdoor recreation. It’s the perfect sized cooler for your vehicle, keeps your food and drinks cool and right by your side, wherever you go. It also has a powerful battery that can charge your devices whenever needed.

Feel tired or bored during long hours of driving? Need a refreshing cold drink to wake up? Say hello to the LiON Mini. With its unique size designed especially for the space between front seats, LiON Mini allows you to keep chilled food and beverages right within your reach as you cruise down the highway.

The problem with keeping refreshments in a traditional cooler is that sooner or later, the ice melts and items become watery and messy, LiON Mini utilizes advanced ice-free tech which keeps food and beverages cool, dry and fresh at all times without the need for ice.

With the dual cup holder design, LiON Mini makes enjoying a beverage while driving more convenient and clean, especially for minivans and trucks.

The integrated built-in battery and cordless design, makes the LiON Mini perfect for road trips, beach days, camping trips, or event off-grid use when charged with solar power.

It is not necessary to keep LiON Mini plugged into your car or an electrical outlet during use. The long-lasting Lithium-ion battery can operate for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted chilling between charges.

LiON Mini has 3 fast charging methods including AC power, DC charging, and solar power, giving users the ultimate in versatility and power in any situation. Plug it into the AC outlet to charge at home, power it with a 12V vehicle charger in your car, or get charged up with solar power while off the grid.

While you want some things frozen, others should be refrigerated. LiON Mini features both functions powered by its high-quality DC Compressor. Compared with thermoelectric technology which can only reduce temp about 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature, the temperature range of the LiON Mini can be adjusted from 20° to -20° without having temperature affected by the weather or ambient conditions. Your items stay at the perfect temp so they are always ready for you.

LiON Mini can maintain food like meat, fish, vegetables, and even baby food in a clean and cool environment, so that you and your family always enjoy fresh drinks and food during any outdoor activities and wherever your adventures may take you.

Never suffer from dead batteries again! With a built-in 193Wh power bank, LiON Mini can be used as a multifunctional power bank for laptops, smartphones, drones, and LED lighting. With up to 24v output, it provides ample charging during camping trips or as an emergency backup power source at home.

LiON Mini is compatible with the innovative MPPT solar power technology that can fully recharge the cooler in less than 4 hours in perfect sunlight. Simply connect it directly to a solar panel to enjoy environmentally-friendly charging that keeps your items chilled even when completely off-grid.

Monitor the temperature of the cooler without hassle. With the App, you can check out the temperature anytime and adjust it with one simple tap.

LiON Mini has a large LCD display that provides the real-time temperature of the cooler and it can be seen clearly day or night. You can also use the display to directly adjust the temperature as needed.

With the specially designed sizes for the space between front seats, LiON Mini aims to be your car’s central fridge. All functions design allows you to take chilled food and beverages right within your reach and enjoy cool drinks and food on the road.

The LiON Mini lid can open from both left and right side, and the lid can also be completely removed to grab food or beverages in an easy way or in order to wash it.

LiON Mini is portable yet with a large volume of up to 28L storage for long trips or multi-day getaways.