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Lindo Dual Camera Video Doorbell: Removes Blind Spots

Dual Camera | Dual Sensor Detection | 2K Resolution | Human & Package Detection | IP67 Waterproof

 Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell was inspired by complaints from CEO’s landlord when he was in college in South California. He used to complain about sneaky porch pirate stealing packages and never be detected by his video doorbell. When he complained it again one afternoon, a creative idea came out. Why not add a camera facing downward to reduce the blind area?

 Double guarantee design provides you with newly doorbell experience.

  • Dual Camera Design: With a forward-facing camera and a downward-facing camera,  you will be instantly notified of your visitors and packages.
  • Dual Sensor Design: Rader scans for movement and PIR scans for body heat. We can filter out falling leaves or flying bugs, so that you won’t be disturbed by false alarm.
  • Dual Power Source Design. Wired and Battery-Powered installation are all supported. 

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 Let’s do a “Set up Lindo Doorbell in 1Min” Challenge. Success! Following the clear set up instruction, we use only 40s to set up the doorbell. So can you!



 Dual camera design provides you with a wider field of view that removes the blind spots. The forward-facing camera focus on humans while downward camera focus on packages. You can access the live video of your doorway from Lindo Life APP anywhere anytime.

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 We upgrade the camera lens from other’s 4P or 6P to 2G+4P for better imaging. The powerful 2K camera with HDR creates true blacks, bright whites, sharp detail, and crisp text. You can even read the license number of the car passes you doorway. 

 Want to pick up your package as soon as it arrives? With Lindo’s avanced AI package detection, you will get instant notification when your packages arrive, so that you won’t miss gadgets from online shopping.

 Porch pirate appears at your door? With smart AI human detection, your will get instant notification when someone try to approach your packages. Give the porch pirate a warning to protect your packages!

 Combining the intelligent PIR detection and radar detection, Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doobell can detect signal up to 23ft (7m) away accurately.  We design 3 levels sensitivity that are 10ft(3m), 16.4ft(5m), 23ft(7m) detection distance. You can set the sensitvity according to the condition of your doorway. 

 Compared to other doorbell camera, Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell provides a panoramic view with 2K 160° wide-angle main camera, making it ideal for catching people walking past or towards your home.

 With Lindo’s powerful AI technology and server, you can get real-time notifications through Lindo Life APP when visitors trigger the built-in sensors, press your doorbell or packages arrive.

 Talk to your family playing at the door. Say hello to your visiting friends. Tell the courier to put the package at the door. You don’t have to walk to the door or make a phone call. Just sit on the sofa and talk through the Lindo Life APP.

    Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell rates IP67 waterproof. That means, it can protect against full water immersion for up to 30 minutes, let alone rainy days. Let’s do a simple test. After 30-min full water immersion, it’s still working!

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 Summer or winter, sunshiny or rainy day, Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell continues working at any weather conditions. It is designed for outdoor use with an operating temperature range of -4°F~122°F(-20°C~50°C) . 

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  With no need for an electrician, you can easily install the Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell yourself with simple tools. Fasten the screws to install the mounting bracket. Align the doorbell and snap into the place. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Smart living pleasure can’t thrive if the planet doesn’t. We use only recyclable and renewable materials that are FCS-certified in our packaging. Besides, all Lindo’s packaging features a compact design to reduce natural resources consumption and carbon emissions during transportation.