Launch Boost

Increase your campaign traffic & sales right at your launch

Successful Cases


The Era-defining 40,000 mAh Power Bank Boosts It All

40,000 mAh | 100W PD fast charging | Pocket size | LCD Screen | Waterproof and dustproof

$18,000 +

Launch Boost Raised


The Lightest and Most Compact 3-in-1 Travel Tripod

Convert into standard tripod, mini tripod, removable ball head | Fast deployment | Ultrastable carbon fiber round legs | Phone-friendly

$12,000 +

Launch Boost Raised


World’s Smartest Window Cleaner

Super Fast Spins Cleaning | All-in-One Plug-in & Play | Smart Mapping &Navigation | Stains Detection

$8,300 +

Launch Boost Raised

Why Launch Boost?

Boost up your campaign on day 1

The first 3 days of the campaign launch is most important on Kickstarter, if your campaign gets enough traffic and pledges in the first 3 days, Kickstarter will drive more organic traffic to your campaign.

Generate more organic traffic

As soon as your project hits the funding goal and gets enough external traffic, Kickstarter will place your project in the higher spot of the categories.

Customlize newsletter

Our team of crowdfunding experts designs and executes a comprehensive strategy tailored to your campaign newsletter promotion.

Save moeny

Pre-launch is an ideal start for crowdfunding if you have 10K-30K marketing budget, however, we will suggest you save the money if you only plan to spend 1K-3K for pre-launch.

We will charge another $1,000 for prepayment, the first payment in total is $1,899. Once the project ends, we will calculate the commission and deduct it from the prepayment.

For example, if we raised $10,000 for your project, the commission will be $2,000, you still need to pay $1,000 after deducting from the prepayment. Another example is we raised $3,000 for your project, the commission is $600, we will make a $400 refund to you.

What if the final results were lower than $2,000?
If we raised the sales were lower than $2,000, we will waive the commission and proceed with the prepayment refund to you.
When should I reserve the spot for the Launch Boost?

We suggest booking the date at least 3-4 weeks before your campaign launches.

Can I change the date once it's scheduled?
Please check with our team and reschedule it at least 2 weeks ahead before you plan to change the schedule.
When should I send you the preview page?
Please send us the preview page with final design at least 3 days before your project launch.
Do you provide launch boost for any projects?
Our team needs to review the project and have a team discussion before we decide taking it for Launch Boost. Typically it takes about 1-3 days.
What are the terms of Launch Boost?

Projects canceled, suspended, or funding unsuccessful are not complying with the money-back guarantee, the best we can do is waive the commission and refund the prepayment.

Does Launch Boost come with Money-Back guarantee if the ROI is lower than 1x?
We can guarantee if your project doesn’t get new pledges for the amount you paid, we’ll refund the difference and full prepayment.

Newsletter Showcase

Successful Cases


High Performance 3D Full Color Night Vision Camera

in all black 500M|Low light or daytime observation distance 3 meters to infinity|Infrared light 850nm|

$6,400 +

Launch Boost Raised


The Truest Color 4K Ultra-RGB Laser Projector

Triple Laser Tech | 107% BT.2020 | Ultra Short Throw | 80″-150″ Projection Area | 4K Resolution | 2,200 Lumens | HDR10 | Dolby Atmos

$30,000 +

Launch Boost Raised

$317,543 Total Raised


Smallest & Most Easy-to-Use Voice Recorder

18g Ultralight | Fits Anywhere Easily | 50-Day Battery Life | 1536Kbps HD Mic | AI Noise Canceling | 32GB EMMC storage | Sliding Switch

$10,800 +

Launch Boost Raised

$208,713 Total Raised


Cordless Self-heating Bento Box

One touch heating | Cordless self-heating | No water required | 900ml large capacity | Reheats up to 4 meals per charge

$13,000 +

Launch Boost Raised

$246,667 Total Raised