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Lance Signature – Finest Visual Experience With Smart Lenses

Remarkable designs are achieved when function and aesthetics find common grounds and manage to thrive together.

When cutting-edge designs meet precision, Lance Signature is born. Remarkable designs are achieved when function and aesthetics find common grounds and manage to thrive together.

We draw our inspiration from nature, art and technology. Everything has the potential to trigger a remarkable idea. This collection expresses power and confidence through bold acetate frames and incredible design detailing to complete the powerful yet elegant designs.

Inspired by our success with Lance Air, we’ve decided to add the Ultra Fade™ Lenses and Super Sharp™ Lenses to our current campaign, Lance Signature. We treat your lenses with the utmost care. All of our lenses benefit from top treatments to offer the best visual experience possible.

We use monomer lenses from Mitsui compounds. The Japanese leader in high index lenses materials renders your glasses scratch resistant, with AR coating and various other treatments, ensuring the most advance protection for your eyes along with unmatched clarity and comfort.

Blue Light Filter – A must have nanotechnology coating.

The Blue Light Filter decreases the amount of blue light displayed on the screens of your devices. Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone), so filtering it out enables you to sleep better. It also reduces digital eye strain, so your eyes won’t feel so tired by the end of the day.

Lance Signature was purposely created to flatter every face shape and skin tone. This collection expresses our designer’s taste for retro chic glasses, aesthetically improved and elevated through high quality materials and outstanding lenses technology.

This collection is all about luxury, designer glasses at affordable prices. Here at Lance, we are committed to provide fair prices and a transparent production process.  


This campaign’s aim is to unify nature and technology through a revolutionary material. We love creating our designs from scratch, witnessing the whole creative process, from idea to sketch, prototype and lastly the final product. 

Apart from its aesthetic role, the core wire is a crucial part of a frame, and its key intents are to support the acetate, maintain shape, allow for a better fit and enable the wearer to adjust the temple if needed. 

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Concept Drawing – Lance Signature™

For us, it’s tremendously important that we’re able to manufacture our glasses ethically and sell them at fair prices to our customers without sacrificing quality.