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KTBox – The Redefined Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Automatic Cleaning | Odor-Control | Top Safety Design | Super Easy Cleanup | App-Powered | Carpet-Compatible |


Introducing KTBox, the self-cleaning littter box with odor control. It utilizes a unique carbon filter that traps odors as it cleans, ensuring the area near the litter box stays fresh and clean for up to 90 days. Plus, with convenient smart app features and super easy clean-up, it is the self-cleaning litter box that you will actually use!


KTBox – The Redefined Self-Cleaning Litter Box with Odor Control

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With KTBox, you never have to scoop while always having a clean litter bed for your feline friends. Just one click via the panel or mobile app and KTBox will do the job for you, so you can sit back and enjoy life. Your cats deserve the best potty place of the world –  and KTBox is it!


When a cat approaches KTBox, it automatically turns off its scooper mechanism so that your kitty can safely do its business. Once the cat exits and it is safe to do so, KTbox will turn back on to clean up the mess left behind!

Wouldn’t you love living in a house without bad odors? So would your cats! And that’s why we created KTBox. With its clever concept and the highly effective built-in carbon filter, we can guarantee that you will never smell nasty odors coming from KTBox for up to 90 days.


Store more waste – 5 days for one cat. Waste is evenly spread in the waste bin to utilize 90% or more of the storage capacity. Other models create a hill shape as the waste piles up. The utilization ratio is less than 50%. So KTBox’s waste bin can last longer than other auto litter boxes.

With the KTBox, you’ll enjoy quick and thorough cleanup in just minutes, simply wipe it out or detach the dual door for a deep-cleanse. It doesn’t matter which one you pick because either way, you’re going to love how easy it is.

There’s always a fierce debate on this very issue about cats’ preferences over their litter box. Hence, picking the ideal style litter box for your finicky companion is imperative, otherwise your cat may refuse to use it. Here’s why KTBox is better…

Featuring an attractive oval shaped closed design, KTBox creates a private potty place for cats with personalities to enjoy doing their business proudly. With the super spacious litter area of 15.75’’ x 15.75’’, KTBox provides ultimate versatility for all cat sizes, even large felines. Together with a litter layer as deep as 4″, it allows for better-clumping action and cleanliness. It’s also a great feature to prevent our insatiably curious feline friends from flinging the litter everywhere. 

Nobody likes a crowded room. While other self-cleaning boxes with such a roomy interior would require a significant amount of space to place in the home, KTBox is relatively compact to fit unobtrusively into your home décor.


Apart from automatic cleaning, KTBox does does more by providing a convenient method of  remote litter control. Set a “Do not disturb” time to avoid noise during the night or schedule a time for daily scooping. Whether you are staying home or going out, KTBox is always at your command.


Gain valuable insights into your cats behavior for better care via the intuitive on-board display. It is a convenient way for you to check the status of KTBox.

Can my kittens use KTBox? Sure, KTBox is sensitive and responsive. It is suitable for all cats over 6 months old and weighing more than 1.5KG.

Place KTBox anywhere in your home that you wish. For typical auto litter boxes, placing them on a deep carpet may affect the sensitivity of the unit. But this situation won’t happen with KTBox, its advanced sensor reliably detects the presence of the cats as always. Plus, the 4” deep layer of litter prevents the cat from spilling litter out onto the nearby carpet or floor.