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Knee Plus: Reduce Knee Pain In Just One Use

Dual-Light Therapy | Portable | Whole Knee Coverage | Reduce Inflammation | Recover From Injury


FINALLY, Find Joint Pain Relief
Introducing The Knee+:

A dual-light therapy device that uses LED lights and medical-grade laser technology which are proven to:

  • Support near-complete recovery of damaged blood vessels and cartilage
  • Reduce inflammation and decrease joint pain.
  • Strengthen the body’s own unique healing process for faster rehabilitation.

With the Knee+, you get ALL this from the comfort of your own home so you can get back to doing what you love — Pain-Free



‘Don’t just believe what we say…

…hear it from our Prototype-Testers’


UnBoxing KNEE+

with Physiotherapist James Hunt


Light Therapy In The News


Light therapy (clinical term: photobiomodulation) *increases blood flow to damaged tissue by dilating blood vessels and **decreases regional inflammatory cytokines.

*Liebert, Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery Volume 38, Number 9, 2020
** Alves et al. Arthritis Research & Therapy 2013

Light therapy works by enhancing your body’s natural self-healing response. 
Light therapy stimulates: 

  • Pain Relief & Recovery to the affected areas by increasing blood flow, releasing nitric oxide, and reducing oxidative stress.
  • Near-Complete Repair of damaged areas by enhancing mitochondrial function, regenerating damaged cells faster and more effectively.

In a nutshell… you could say the Knee+ device gives you the bee’s knees.


The Science of Light Therapy & KNEE+


By creating a joint-specific device, you experience the highest positive impact on your recovery, because the device consistently delivers the right dosage to your internal tissue.

  • Dosage is key for optimal results
  • Panels and LED-only devices don’t provide the optimal dosage​ for recovery
  • Knee+ lasers provide a deeper penetration to your joints and muscle tissue to ensure fast relief and near-complete recovery

  • You’ve had a traumatic injury in the past (MCL, ACL, Meniscus, Muscle Tear or Sprain, Ankle Sprains, etc)
  • You’re limited from doing what you love because of pain.
  • Surgery is a constant stress in the back of your mind. 
  • You skip participating in sports/athletic activities because you know you’ll pay for it the next day. 
  • Experience restless nights because your joints ache.



  • Pain Relief
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Repair New and Old Injuries
  • Athletic Recovery & Performance
  • Increased Immunity
  • Repair Cells, Joints, Tissue, and Skin
  • Improve Sleep
  • Reduce Anxiety & Depression
  • And so much more…



The Knee+ is different from any other red light therapy device in the market. 

Specifically engineered for the best results possible. 


Cutting-Edge Dual-Light Technology

Why does Knee+ include lasers and LED lights?

We’re so glad you asked! Commonly used LED lights aim to provide surface-level therapy while the lasers help effectively penetrate joints and internal tissues. The powerful combination of LED lights and lasers allows the Knee+ to produce optimal wavelengths throughout one session.


Modular design for flexible positioning

  • Medical-grade laser technology help increase the penetration rate for more accurate dosing of internal tissue
  • Applying at skin level ensures exact optimal dosage every time, meaning quicker recovery


The Knee+ modules are battery-powered and include rapid recharge tech through the magnetic charging dock. The charging dock is 100% portable so you can bring Knee+ with you anywhere!



*Current functional prototype