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KAVVO—LED Tooth Whitening Device With UV Disinfection

3X more efficiency |Click and Go Design | Up to 16 Days Use per Charge | Integrated Auto-UV Sterilization|Type-C Charging

No one wants yellow teeth. Unfortunately, millions of people live with the residual stains and evidence of daily living. From tea and coffee consumption to smoking, there’s no shortage of culprits behind tainted teeth.

And KAVVO Shell helps you whiten your teeth quickly and inexpensively for a brighter smile.

Each KAVVO Shell comes equipped with 16PCS of blue light, coupled with 8PCS of red light. The device uses a 450-475 wavelength of blue light to an dsafely decompose even the most stubborn of teeth stains. With the 615-630 wavelength of red light, it can reduce gum sensitivity.

With consistent use of 10 minutes a day, for 10 days, you can expect to reveal the pearly whites hiding behind built-up staining. In fact,KAVVO Shell could whiten your teeth by up to 5 shades on the standard tooth color scale!


KAVVO Shell is the world’s first LED teeth whitening tool that features automatic disinfection functionality. Simply pop in the lid, and let the inner UV light get to work – automatically disinfecting your teeth whitening device in 3 minutes flat. You’ll know when it’s done, because the UV light will turn off by itself.

You don’t need to press pause on the teeth whitening action just because you need to travel. Thanks to KAVVO Shell’s compact design, you can slip it right into your pocket and take it with you anywhere. KAVVO Shell’s entire design measures in at a mere 65mm x 73mm. And – seeing as its made from lightweight ABS and silicone – you’ll only be adding 80g to your luggage. In fact, it’s lighter than a pair of Apple Airpods!

Pop to use and click to go. The same magnetic material and processing technique as an Airpod give you the exact same smooth experience, for the first time on such products. Enjoy your daily teeth-brighten ritual and get some real comfort thanks to the harnish of details.

What’s even more exciting is its support of standard type-C charging, which you don’t see quite often on similar products. Just think about it, no need to bring extra cables and a simple charge prepares you for up to 16 days!

While KAVVO Shell’s sanitization technology kills all the germs and bacteria you can’t see, you’ll still want to wash off visible residue and saliva after each use. Thankfully, a quick rinse under tepid water is more than enough to make your teeth whitening device good as new again. Professional teeth whitening at home has never been this simple.

The blue light and red light used by KAVVO Shell are second-class light, which have obtained the corresponding FAD certification. They are safe in the oral cavity and can be used with confidence.

Whitening your teeth at home is only half the battle. At KAVVO Shell, we’re all about maintenance! That’s why we’ve included three gel pens so you can sustain the pearly smile you’ve worked hard to create. A thin layer of gel is all you need.