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Joytar: The All-new Comfortable Unibody Carbon Fiber Guitar

Designed For Professional Guitarists

This is Joytar

What’s not to love about guitar? They produce good sound quality but require proper care to keep them safe from bumps and drastic weather changes. It also needs regular tuning and maintenance to last you a long time.

Among countless materials available, carbon fiber has the characteristics of being lightweight, has good strength, and boasts extreme durability. When these attributes are applied to a guitar, everything becomes a perfect combination. We hope to create a compact, versatile, and powerful guitar to accompany you every step of the way.

Before launching on Kickstarter, we have successfully conducted several production tests and verified its design and manufacturability. We currently have a ready-to-deliver batch stored in our warehouse so this means you don’t have to worry about shipping delays or long delivery times. Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, we will ship Joytar to you as soon as possible. Prepare to be blown away and take your musical experience to the next level. 

Joytar is entirely made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber and wrapped with unidirectional carbon fabric. Get ready for the world’s lightest yet powerful guitar.

The revolutionary one-piece molding technology makes the guitar a natural fit and more comfortable to hold. This unique structure minimizes sound quality loss, offers uniformed resonance, and delivers fuller sound. 

The patented Power Nest™ acoustic beam structure was developed through extensive professional tests to ensure its finest results. The carbon fiber rod and prepreg are integrated to form an extremely thin yet sturdy guitar panel.

Joytar’s panel has an average thickness of only 1mm. The ultra-thin panel brings unparalleled resonance to the guitar. With just a slight pluck, Joytar generates a crisp, natural, and rich sound.

The most important thing a guitarist needs to have in their arsenal is an excellent guitar. If you feel tired from long playing sessions, then it is time to change for the better.

We have thoroughly experimented and designed an ergonomically defined double waist of Joytar’s body that turns hard angles into soft curves. The guitar’s body and neck are combined as a whole for effortless playability during long sessions.

The curvature profile of the neck is designed with parametric modeling to make it extra intuitive. Whether you are a novice guitarist or an experienced musician, Joytar is your everyday partner for a seamless play.

The strings are professionally tuned with the perfect string height of 2.1mm* to press down the strings smoothly. The high-quality construction of the neck makes it the most durable guitar you’ll ever own.

The frets are carefully assembled from nickel alloys and the rounded edges are redesigned with industrial production molds. This state-of-the-art craftsmanship ensures that you’ll get a comfortable playing experience every time you pluck the string.

We’ve established a cooperative relationship with the world-renowned pickup company, Double. Based on the internal cavity structure of Joytar, we’ve successfully designed and built a powerful pickup module.

Without connecting to the speakers, you can get special sound effects such as delay, reverberation, or vibration.

Here is the video of Reverb Off  and Reverb On:

 project video thumbnail

 Like rock or jazz? Joytar is your ideal choice! The pickup module supports Bluetooth connection so you can import beats from your phone or record and play audio tracks through Garageband. Setting up a band-like performance has never been easier! (Bluetooth connection is applicable for iOS and Android)

Joytar weighs only 3.3 lb, which is equivalent to a 13-inch MacBook Pro. 

The 36-inch travel-sized guitar can be easily brought onto the plane or placed in your car’s trunk. Whether it is a road trip with your family or a regular outing with your friends, Joytar is designed to go wherever life takes you.

Joytar is a guitar that does not require tuning and maintenance. As carbon fiber is extremely durable, it can withstand a pressure of 154 lb (70 kg), so Joytar does not require complicated rod adjustments. Whether in a hot, humid rainforest or cold, snowy winter, Joytar is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The recording was done with Joytar’s original sound. No effects and or post-processing were added to present sound in the most realistic state.

You will get a Joytar J1, a Type-C fast charging cable (Pro model included), a sturdy and environmentally friendly carton packaging, two high-quality paddles with the Joytar logo, and a metal cap.

Get a 1-year free warranty and return service within one year of purch