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Jollylook Pinhole – The Instant Film Camera DIY Kit!

Combining classic design with environmentally friendly materials, a manual development mechanism, bellows, and an exposure calculator.


Stand out when you freeze a moment with Jollylook Pinhole DIY Camera Kit. 

When you live in a world of instant, bring a little magic with something different.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of DIY, and Jollylook lets you take part in its handcrafting.  
  That’s why when you take out a Jollylook, you also bring a little bit of you.
  Imagine bringing joy with photos and a camera like the olden days. The only difference is that inside is instant film with a manual development mechanism that gives you immediate results.

It’s easy and satisfying to set up without the use of glue! 

Made up of 65 parts, assemble in 1.5 to 3 hours and take pride in holding your own handcrafted pinhole camera wherever you go.

Making a gadget that combines form and function harmoniously would be a wonderful and rewarding experience! The Jollylook DIY Kit comes with everything you need to create a glue-free, environmentally-friendly vintage pinhole camera within no time.

Jollylook is Fuji-film Instax ready which means you can snap and share something real, timeless and joyful right away! 

Never miss a moment again – take pictures of your friends and family as they happen quickly with an exposure calculator at the back.

Capture memories (and attention) in a one-of-a-kind vintage style camera. 

The pinhole feature, foldable bellows and steampunk design bring you back in time. Preserve your most precious memories in an unforgettable way while adding a touch of nostalgia to your photos.

The easily recyclable, biodegradable, natural-fiber wood makes up this environmentally friendly camera. Feel good for supporting eco-friendly products.

Tap into your inner photographer and learn a little bit more how photography worked in the old days.   

The pinhole is a tiny opening that collects all the light rays and renders an image. Try focusing on the subject and letting it open for a few seconds up to a few minutes. You learn patience and accuracy from it.
                Take wide-angle and zoomed images and play with brightness to get the perfect pinhole image that comes from this most basic form of photography.   

Make it an exciting learning experience with a sense of mystery.

 Voila! An instant photo for shared lasting memories!

Discover the joy of taking photos and learn from it at the same time.   

Jollylook makes for a great edutainment device as you get to know your camera and how it works inside and out.

Even inexperienced photographers can get great results with the Jollylook.

Watch your skills and abilities grow as you play. 

With Jollylook, you learn something new and exciting!

Feel free to explore the world, knowing your Jollylook is always with you. 

Just a little bigger than an iPhone box, it’s easy for you to bring beautiful memories wherever you go. 

Exposure Calculator

Choosing Zoom

Capture life’s most precious memories, without having to worry about running out of power.  

Battery-free and charger-free, mechanical controls offer an authentic photography experience.

The Fresnel lens on the viewfinder ensures an exceptionally clear view of your subject or scene. You have less trouble peeking and capturing exactly what you see.

The accordion-like, pleated expandable part of the camera are the bellows. 

Aside from adding to its vintage charm, the bellows are a seamless means for you to zoom from 50 mm up to 110 mm towards your subject and take amazing close-up shots.

Which Jollylook option are you going to choose?

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Standard: dark stained, ready-to-appreciate natural wood pieces.
Customizable: lighter wood you can color with markers to make it your own.

Jollylook will be responsible for completing this project and fulfilling all rewards as soon as it is successfully funded. We owe it to our backers to perform all the work promised, address your concerns honestly, and deliver rewards on time.   

Jollylook guarantees to replace broken parts or units for free, if everything proceeds as planned.

       Regular updates will be provided to backers about the project’s progress and any delays or roadblocks that could impact delivery estimates. Throughout the lifecycle of our project, we will be open and honest with our backers.