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ITEHIL—The Fastest & Safest Travel Water Filtration System

RO Membrane Filtration | Filter Directly From the Source | Kills Over 99.99% of Viruses | Powerful Self-Priming Pump

ITEHIL is a high-precision water filtration and purification system that uses an RO membrane filter to purify any H2O it touches. From tap water to untreated freshwater sources, there’s no water ITEHIL can’t decontaminate. Great for hiking, camping, backcountry survival use.

ITEHIL’s water purification system uses RO membranes for filtration. The filter pores of RO membranes are nano-scale (0.1 nanometers) smaller than ordinary filter membranes (10-100 nanometers), and most viruses are 10-300 nanometers in diameter, so ITEHIL can truly filter more than 99.999% of viruses.

Compared with the ultrafiltration or nanofiltration filters on the market, the RO membrane has a stronger filtration effect and can filter most water-soluble substances, such as soapy water, coffee, heavy metals, organic pollutants, scale, fluoride, bacteria, etc.

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From ponds to rivers to streams, ITEHIL filters at the source for fast and convenient water percolation. ITEHIL has a desalination rate of 97% to ensure your decontaminated water is purer than ever before.Portable water filtrationhas never been this simple.

ITEHIL has a built-in 3-layer filter membrane, which can effectively filter and make the purification effect better. The water inlet is filtered by two layers of ultra-core membranes, and particulate matter such as sand and dust is discharged through the waste water outlet, and then harmful substances such as bacteria are filtered through the RO membrane to obtain pure water.

An in-built self-priming pump features 100G of power, ensuring rapid purification action without comprising the quality of the sanitization. The 2.5-meter-long pipe can even be used in rivers with heights of up to 98 inches. Perfect for hard-to-access water that’s just out of reach – but not far enough for this water filtration and purification system to target!

Battery & Water storage

Charging Effect

ITEHIL has a built-in 6000mAh lithium battery, which can purify 40L of water once fully charged, enough for 2-3 days of use. Support USB-C‘s power bank, solar panel, car power supply to charge it. Satisfy the charging voltage 24V, 24W power supply can charge ITEHIL.

ITEHIL’s built-in composite filter element and RO membrane filter element support replacement. In order to ensure that pure water is filtered, the RO membrane filter element is recommended to be replaced once a month, and the composite filter element is recommended to be replaced every six months.

Sterilize and store your sanitized water for later on. Perfect for hikers, campers, climbers, anglers, and international travelers who need clean drinking water. From rainwater to springs, lakes, rivers, and beyond, the water that this home water purification system purifies will stay pure long after the filtration action.

Whether you’re going hiking, camping in the wilderness, or staying in a country with questionable water sanitation, the ITEHIL is easy to take anywhere so you can purify any and every water source you encounter. Its portable, handheld design is easy to carry, access, and move depending on the unique water source. Any water, any weather, any environment!

ITEHIL will stay in place while it’s working, thanks to suction action built into its design. You’ll find 4x nonslip mats underneath the device, which keep it steady even on uneven ground. The best water filtration system on the market, hands down.

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