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iT-C Smart Helmet: ride safe, ride smart, ride free

Premium smart helmet | Safety beacon | TALI Ride app | Photochromic visor | LED lighting system | Voice commands | Fully connected


 The iT-C Smart Helmet is your all-in-one helmet designed to keep you safe and connected while riding on your favorite two wheels.

Expanding opportunities for your visibility and communication on the road, our premium carbon fiber helmet and our TALI Ride app can seamlessly integrate with our safety beacon for an upgraded and connected experience. Never compromise your ride safety again–be seen, look sleek, stay connected.


The visor adjusts to all light situations in less than one second, and has a large field of vision both horizontally and vertically. The visor is anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-UV, and offers optimal visibility comfort. 

Commandes vocales

The integrated Bluetooth 5.0 with our speakers and microphone HD sound allows you to enjoy voice commands, automatic voice reductions, music, calls and to connect with other passengers or several bikers with a signal range more than 1 mile. 


Station de recharge sans fil

The battery life of the smart helmet lasts between 4 to 6 hours, and can quickly be charged with the standing wireless charging base and a USB-C charging feature

The sleek wireless base has a built-in fan to ventilate the helmet while charging, and can charge up to 80% after only one hour of charging. 


Configure your helmet and make it unique! Customize with your favorite colors and settings from our large range of LED color options. 


The hands-free voice control allows riders to easily access music, phone calls, the weather forecast and smart assistants (Alexa, Google Home & Siri) via Bluetooth 5.0. 

Don’t worry about the tech distracting you-there’s an automatic noise reduction feature to allow you to enjoy your hands-free experience safely.

Balise de sécurité


When a suspicious movement is detected on your motorcycle, our mobile application notifies you via message or call. You have the option to stop the alarm or call the police. Our safety beacon is an innovative and effective way to protect your bike from theft.


Know your position wherever, whenever with detection accurate to one meter, you and your family can always track your location and safety.

The i-Emergency connection integrates with the alert system and GPS tracker to trace your bike wherever it is. When an emergency or fall is detected, the app will notify three of your chosen loved ones and emergency services if needed!

Statistiques de trajet personnalisés


Track your ride performance with our “Race Mode” feature showing data such as: lap time, best lap, lean angle, acceleration force and deceleration force. Easily follow your progress on the circuit thanks to the TALI Ride app.