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iSwift Roboarm:The World’s First ‘Robot Arm’ in the Bathroom

Flexible in any direction as a robot arm, yet holds steadily as a rock. Hands-free bathroom texting and streaming has never been easier

Trying to go number two while holding your phone texting or trying to take a bath holding your tablet Netflixing is next to impossible… until now. The iSwift Roboarm is the perfect hands-free phone/tablet holder featuring a flexible yet sturdy multi-joint design that mimics a robot arm, mounting easily to virtually any surface and adjusting effortlessly to almost any angle. Just keep the iSwift Roboarm in the bathroom for easy use and spend your private potty time being cathartic and productive!


Bath time should be boring and uncomfortable? No, you deserve different…

Simply snap on your device, bathtime goes hands free and worry free.

iSwift Roboarm is perfect for those long visits to the bathroom. You can position your device perfectly and reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain. Whether you’re engrossed in video, straining to reach the next gaming level, or catching up on text messages, the iSwift Roboarm lets you take care of business comfortably.

3M adhesive and powerful suction works on any surface

Adjust your device at any angle for perfect viewing

Simply snap on, and you’re ready to go


Compact & space saving

With iSwift Roboarm’s adjustable, multi-joint design you’ll always find the perfect position for your phone or tablet. No matter if you’re enjoying a cathartic moment on the toilet, or soaking in a relaxing bath, you can easily adjust the iSwift Roboarm to any angle, in one fluid motion.


iPhone 12/13 can snap on, and a metal sticker included is required for other devices.

iSwift Roboarm accommodates practically every type of device, regardless of brand, model, or thickness, and can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode. Even family members or guests visiting your bathroom may end up staying in there longer as they enjoy the convenience of the iSwift Roboarm. And – bonus – it’s case-friendly too!

iSwift Roboarm: The bathroom essential boosts your bathroom experience.

No hole installation

The iSwift Roboarm easily mounts to practically any smooth and flat surface. Utilizing a 3M adhesive, the stand’s powerful suction grips mirrors, windows, walls, and desks without the use of any holes, and leaves no trace behind. Even excessive moisture in the bathroom won’t disturb it.


Whether you are working at the table, preparing meals in the kitchen, or watching the video in bed, you will find iSwift Roboarm perfectly useful in all these scenarios.


Constructed of high-quality metal and plastic plus reinforced molding process, the base is durable enough to hold 1kg.

Crafted with premium polished alloy, the iSwift Roboarm provides a durable and scratch-resistant finish. Its powerful adhesive action securely grips your device, allowing you to tap the screen without it tipping over. The base is extremely stable and its small footprint makes it perfectly mobile.


Your Stand, Your Style


iSwift Roboarm not only securely holds your phone or tablet, but it also looks great doing it! Its premium alloy finish and minimalist design give it a handsome aesthetic that fits into any bathroom and beyond, whether it’s the kitchen or your workplace.