iSpace2 Pro – Smart DLP Pocket Projector

One Second Wake-up | Android 9.0 | App-Control Intelligent | 360° Rotating Viewing | WiFi Connection | Bluetooth Speaker

So far, using conventional projectors because you need them, not because they’re great. We know, we’ve done our homework. Our R&D team heard your concerns:

That’s why iSpace2 Pro responds to all these concerns with features that make it an outstanding projector like no other.

Measuring only 130mm x 42mm, and weighing only 425g, iSpace2 Pro is as compact and lightweight as it gets. It’s only 42mm which is thin enough that fits into your back pocket—making it literally the most portable projector ever. Featuring a circular metal design created for extreme portability, this is the extremely compact and easy-to-carry projector you always wanted to have.

Forget about old and dull projectors that were nothing but mechanical tools with limited functionalities. iSpace2 Pro is built with a simple and user-friendly Android 9 operating system that makes it compatible with other Android devices, such as smartphones, along with being compatible with most computers and multiple apps.

You can control iSpace2 pro through the mobile app, which is a brand-new intelligence and enjoys the convenience brought by technology. It also allows for your phone, tablet, or computer screen to be mirrored by iSpace2 Pro—something unprecedented in the world of projectors.

 From device synchronization to data sharing and transfers, you can use iSpace2 Pro’s three ports—USB, HDMI, and Type-C to make sure that, whatever happens, you’re connected.

From a camera to a smartphone, not forgetting your computer, tablet, or even memory drive, three peripherals equate to a world of connectivity and projection opportunities.

As a projector, iSpace 2 Pro comes with a remote control similar to the one used to control a TV. That’s how you can operate its Projection Mode.

On the other hand, by rotating its top cover, you’ll be switching the device to the Bluetooth Speaker Mode—which is still controlled with the remote control to raise or lower the volume of the Bluetooth speaker.

When in Bluetooth Speaker mode, iSpace2 Pro will allow you to enjoy a 6W High-Fidelity inverted tube cavity sound, offering an immersive experience of sound that you can dive into anywhere.

You can use iSpace2 Pro with or without its tripod. Simply attach it in a heartbeat by bringing the top support of the tripod close to the round metal sheet at the bottom of the main unit. They’ll be instantly magnetically attached—just as easily as you can detach both parts by pulling them apart.

When attached, the tripod head will rotate 360 degrees and will tilt to 90 degrees, offering innovative possibilities in terms of angles to explore—without ever compromising the quality of images. The device’s automatic intelligent keystone correction requires no adjustments, even if the content is displayed diagonally or on the ceiling. The images will suffer no distortion, and you’ll enjoy a viewing experience that only iSpace2 Pro can offer.

Whenever you adjust the projection angle of iSpace2 pro, it can automatically adjust the tilt of the projection, bringing you a perfect viewing experience.  

Unlike conventional projectors, iSpace2 Pro is a mini-computer with an Android 9 system that allows you to download and use several applications—among which YouTube, Netflix, and others, allowing you to project and watch videos and movies like never before.

Whenever you adjust the projection angle, iSpace2 pro will automatically adjust according to the projection angle, bringing you a perfect viewing experience.

iSpace2 Pro also supports the eShare mobile phone projection APP, which allows you to mirror your Android or iOS phone’s screen in real-time. There’s no glitch or lag to worry about—the device’s MTK9255 quad-core high-speed processor is capable of delivering super-strong and fast video decoding, projecting videos at the same speed as your phone plays them.

You can smoothly run your projections with iSpace2 Pro without worrying about excessive heat or excessive noise. This device uses a liquid-cooled phase-change heat dissipation system to prevent overheating, and it is designed to keep the noise during even its maximum brightness projection lower than 28db. In other words, you won’t have any unwanted distractions!

iSpace2 Pro has been developed with amazing attention to detail. Its rotating head symbolizes its futuristic sleek spacecraft-like design as much as it fulfills a very practical purpose: protecting the camera and the body of the device.

Slide it about 90º to either open or close the projector, in the simplest and most effective way of keeping the lens and also the ports of the projector.

The last thing that you want when you’re projecting something is for your projector to shake or slide—which is why iSpace2 Pro comes with four silicone pads to put on the bottom of the device, making it stable and slide-proof.

You can either make the most of your iSpace2 Pro leveraging its powerful 4500mAh battery, or connecting its 12V DC adapter to keep powering your projections.

In addition, iSpace2 pro has a unique feature that will absolutely surprise you!  iSpace2 pro can be used as your emergency charging power source when your phone is out of power, providing extra help for your trip!

Whether you’re going on a business trip, or you’re traveling on vacation, or if you’re simply camping for the weekend, iSpace2 Pro adapts to every situation. The autonomy provided by its 4500mAh battery, and its ability to work for long periods of time, mean you can enjoy the best a futuristic projector like this can offer—even at night, under a starry sky!

No sophisticated flat screen comes even close to offering the kind of immersive experience iSpace2 Pro creates. Get your amazing projector ready, select your favorite movies and music, and sit back to enjoy the show with your loved ones!

Whether it is for a quick time-out moment at the office, or for actual amazing business presentations to dazzle your business associates or clients with an incredible experience, iSpace2 Pro is your new sidekick for incredible moments in the office.

It could be a birthday party at home, a barbecue in your yard, or a decisive event at a bar. Whichever it is, you know that iSpace2 Pro and its stunning projections are going to make you look really good!