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iRULER Laser Distance Measure

To measure length, area, volume with Pythagoras, max 98 feet and accuracy of ±2mm.

Architect, engineer, designer, carpenter or just who wanting to add a book shelf to the study room, a distance measure is a necessity for your tool box.

Introducing iRULER M130, a miniature laser distance measure that tells distance, area, volume, computes length based on Pythagorean Theorem, and converts measurements between imperial and metric systems. It reaches up to 98 feet measurement and it’s accurate to ±2mm. The built-in backlit display gives an easy viewing and with the Bluetooth capability, it even transfers and store data to a phone or tablet in real time.

A steel measuring tape has a long history which can be traced back to 1829. These days a tape measure becomes an indispensable tool for almost every construction and remodeling work. Even many excellent designs can be found in traditional tape measures, there are always small flaws. For modern workers, being offered the convenience by automation may sound fascinating.

iRULER M130 is a faster and more accurate alternative to traditional tape measures. It provides max 98 feet long measurement with ±2mm accuracy. The laser technology tells the precise data promptly on the 2” LCD display, or you can even have the automated voice output by switching the data notification mode.

Incorporating a laser, iRULER comes without a tape at all. The smart digital measurement method offers the most convenient, easy-to-use experience ever. You slip it into the pocket, take the measurement and it calculates unbeatable accuracy the first time, second time and every time.

iRULER M130 offers multiple measuring features: including length, area, volume, and Pythagorean (indirect) calculations. Every single press of the button provides real-time data.

For the Pythagorean function, it is an intelligent mode to be extended to reach awkward locations: like when you want to measure a high tower, an object on the other side of the river, a telegraph and more. It uses triangulation to calculate a third unknown distance from two recorded inputs. 

The same procedure may be easily adapted to obtain great results under its Pythagorean (Dual Triangles) mode.

Switch the reference edges to meet your demand. You may press the button to change the measurement starting point: to decide whether it starts from the tail end or the front edge.

The backlit display allows measurements to be easily read, even in low-light or zero-light situations and units can be set to ft+in, meter, feet or merely inch. M130 offers all the distance, area, and Pythagorean calculations you would expect from a competent all-round digital measuring device.

iRULER M130 features 3 data sets memory to avoid mistakes by human script. The Bluetooth capability makes it possible to send data wirelessly to your smart devices, making it ideal for planners and surveyors, who can generate simulation renderings instantly to verify their ideas on architectural design or decoration.

Compatible App: Joyplan.

Lipstick-size, it can be easily carried in a small pocket, or in a tool box. It is probably the world’s smallest distance measure to date. 

Its surface material is composed of aluminum alloy + ABS, which provides premium look with anti-scratch advantage and robust performance.

There are three buttons located on the front side, each taking responsibility for its separate functions, making sure users won’t get lost in the logic operation. It is intuitive and quite straightforward to use. 

The buttons are specially made of silicone material, and the slightly curved ergonomic design gives an amazing interactive experience.

Measuring / Power Button

  • Long press to turn on / off.
  • Short press to start the measurement.

Function Button

  • Long press to mute / button sound / voice broadcasting.
  • Short press to switch among different measurements: direct distance, area, volume, Pythagoras and Pythagoras (Dual Triangles).

Mode Button

  • Long press to shift units: in+ft/m/ft/in. Default is “m” after power on.
  • Short press to front / rear reference. Default is rear after power on.

There is another sliding cover for the little compartment of the USB-C charging port, which makes it resistant to dirt, debris, and water spray. 

The system will automatically shut off the backlit, the laser or the whole system to extend battery life, although it has a built-in rechargeable 380mAh lithium battery and can be charged via a universal Type C charging cable.

iRULER M130 integrates the advanced optical focusing lens with high light transmittance, high refractive index, and great impact resistance to maintain laser stability. Its advanced free-form optical technology greatly enhances reflection light reception, and as a result, guarantees accurate laser measuring anywhere.

The laser distance measure is robust as it is rated waterproof and dust-proof to IP54 standard. Every unit must pass the drop test before leaving the factory, and will be durable as it arrives. You don’t have to worry about malfunctioning if it happens to be an accidental drop-off to a puddle, rocks, or gravel.

The wrist strap included in the package makes it a practical add-on for carrying.

Hi Kickstarter friends. We are the IRULER team: a team consisting of experienced hardware, software engineers and product designers. We share the same philosophy and aim. We want to make great hand tools to increase efficiency and make workdays more productive.

Our team won both the IF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award in 2021 and we obtained patents on Spectroscopic Lens Technology and Filtering Algorithm.

We will be devoting ourselves to inventing some cool tools and gear as we have always been. Thanks for accompanying us. Thanks for the support.