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iNNOPOWER: A Remarkable Solar Panel that Doubles as a Table

100W and 200W solar panels work with all power stations as a solar power plant to produce clean energy, save money and the environment.

We are facing many problems such as energy crisis, oil price soaring, war disasters and environmental pollution. Are you struggling for salvation from these threats? The only way is probably to turn to renewable energy resources like solar energy.

Have you ever wanted to go camping, but didn’t want to drag around a bunch of extra stuff?

Well, we have the ultimate solution for you! Introducing the iNNOPOWER, a solar panel and camp table in one.

In collaboration with a junction box full of interfaces and ultra high conversion efficiency, it’s fast to charge almost anything from phone, camera to power station. Its smart folding design makes the transition from powering up to lifting up a smooth one. It’s the most lightweight, compact yet sturdy sitting desk or camping table you can possibly find. With inbuilt zippers, you can easily scale up the tabletop area by combining as many iNNOPOWER as you need.

It is a revolutionary gadget to make a difference. You’ll never have to worry about running out of juice or space again! It will change the way you camp and elevate your camping experience into the 21st century!

 Highly efficient PV material, multiple protections and certifications give you peace of mind.

Compatible with most solar generators on the market

Note: A junction box is needed for the connection.

A 2-in-1 solar table

Convert the panel into a table effortlessly

Save your space, also your money

Think a foldable solar table just means you save space? Think again. For the price of a camping table and a conventional solar panel, you can buy four iNNOPOWER solar tables. Really save you money!

iNNOPOWER is the perfect all-in-one solar charger and table. When unfolded, the solar panel can be used to quickly charge all your electronic essentials like cell phones, cameras, or tablets. Fold it up in seconds to convert it into a table, which can be anything from a mobile workspace to your dining table under the stars.

One table, two tables, four tables…

Choose your way to enjoy your table, it is practical, also creative

Some parts, like the seams, are manually sewn, which not only ensures the natural stitching and fit, but also adds a retro touch to the panels, reflecting the harmony between human and nature.

With a three fold design, hook and loop closure and zipper, you can splice and expand your surface as much as you like. Whether you are working alone or having meals outside with a family, our table top panel is suitable for all occasions.

As we know, the tilt angle of a solar panel plays a crucial role in the amount of energy the solar panel can produce efficiently. There is a difference of about 25 percent of solar energy produced between optimal angle and non-optimal angle. iNNOPOWER’s innovative angle design provides the most efficient possible tilt for your solar panels to maximize energy production. The rigorous algorithms are complemented by an independent adjustment device that allows for fine-tuning it just right!

iNNOPOWER’s built-in 25mm compass acquires the best possible tilt angle in real-time.

Step 1: Aim the inner compass at the sun to get the right direction

Step 2: Adjust the strap to get the optimal tilt angle

Step 1: Set the latitude and month on the auxiliary device to get the optimal tilt angle

Step 2: Adjust the strap accordingly

The built-in compass allows you to determine the optimal tilt angle in real-time. Simply aim it at sunlight or use a compass on the handle for accurate direction and then adjust the strap based on the number displayed on the auxiliary device. Easy!

Take the solar table anywhere, anytime

No more heavy panels, no more bulky tables, no more hassle!

Easy carrying options

The ingenious design of the iNNOPOWER solar panel table makes it easy to fold up and easily carry. At only 1 inch thick and a feather-light 4.5kg(100W)/9kg(200W), you can carry it by hand, on your back, or on top of the car. With much less bulk than multiple chargers or a big folding table, it lessens your load and won’t be a burden on your journey. Perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, BBQs, and more.

Heavy duty

A must-have for camping

IP65-level protection withstands the elements

Detailed design ensures iNNOPOWER is stable enough for any situation

iNNOPOWER’s durable tabletop is the perfect way to harness all that sun power when camping. The wide, durable support can be folded up to the size of your solar panel when not in use. Plus, it comes equipped with holes of hook, ground nails, and other helpful features. iNNOPOWER also provides a strong load-bearing capacity of up to 30KG, which allows it to survive tough surfaces or weather conditions like windy days.

700W Power Station: Only the United States Available