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ICEFOX Portable Drink Cooler: The Coolest Dude At Any Party

Your drink always has your vibe: watch ICEFOX go at -1℃/minute. For a first sip as chilly as the last.

 The ICEFOX portable wine chiller is unlike anything else. Most people hate ice cubes. They melt your drink down, dilute your drink taste, and make a mess of your cup. On top of that, you have to wait for hours before drinking it.

The ICEFOX has a patented ICICLE technology that will let you enjoy a drink in mere minutes, and keep it cold for hours on end, so the last drop is as cold as the first! It doesn’t require any kind of ice or pre-cooling process. No more messy cups either! The built-in smart cap shows your drink’s temperature.You can always enjoy the drink at its best.

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