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HYS Smart Fried Egg Cooker – Delicious & On-Demand

Fast, easy, perfectly fried eggs every time you want them!


Everyone loves a good fried egg – and is it any mystery why? From the time that we’re kids, we grow up understanding that at breakfast time, the fried egg is just about the tastiest and most filling item one can get. It pairs well with waffles and toast, but even if you enjoy it all by itself, it can make a complete meal. Add to that the convenience of the fried egg, with all of its protein and flavor, and it’s easy to see why this staple has maintained its place at the breakfast table all these years.

  At the same time, frying an egg requires you to stand next to the stove while you cook, keeping a watchful eye to avoid any burns or runs. If you have never fried an egg before, then you may not fully understand just how vigilant you have to be about it. It’s a waiting game, and it’s no fun for anyone.


Introducing – HYS Smart Fried Egg Cooker

 This is where our innovative kitchen device can make all the difference. HYS smart Fried Egg Cooker is going to redefine the way that people think about their fried eggs. It’s a simple solution to an age-old problem: no more standing bored by the stove, no more carefully flipping the edges for a half-liquid yolk or some other specialty, and no more examining the pan to determine whether or not the egg is already overcooked or undercooked.

 Instead, you get a flawless fried egg, every single time you turn on the HYS Smart Fried Egg Cooker. This automated device is capable of cooking six different kinds of fried eggs, so you get to decide what your breakfast looks like every day!

The Six kinds of fried eggs are:

* Clear, Liquid Yolk

 In 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the white will become solid, while most of the yolk remains liquid.

* Half-Liquid Yolk

 4 minutes and zero effort: that is what you need to put in, to get a solid white and partially runny yolk in your fried egg with HYS.

* Solid Yolk and Brown Bottom

 Toast that white a little! The white and the yolk look solid after 5 minutes and 30 seconds, and you get a gentle crunch on the bottom.

Bottom side

* Fully Cooked and Brown Bottom. 

 Do you like your fried egg a little more well-done? In just eight minutes, you can get a firm, crunchy fried egg.

Up side

Bottom side

*  Solid Yolk and White Bottom. 

 Our device will even work at dynamic temperatures, frying the egg at a low temperature so that the protein remains intact. This 11-minute setting keeps the egg as healthy as possible.

Up side

Bottom side

* Fully Cooked and White Bottom. 

 You can get a healthy, protein-rich fried egg and white bottom. That is what this 14-minute setting is for!

Up side

Bottom side

Available in two colors

 HYS Smart Fried Egg Cooker makes an excellent addition to any kitchen, your own or someone else’s. Whether you get it as a gift or you get it to make breakfast time simpler, you can count on these features right out of the box.

Feature 1 – It’s designed so that anyone can use it.

 The team lead behind HYS Smart Fried Egg Cooker is a father of four children, all of whom adore fried eggs. This device is so straightforward and intuitive that anyone can learn how to use it. Its accurate temperature control, based on real-world experience cooking eggs in a pan, combines with the intuitive interface for a stress-free kitchen experience every time.

Feature 2 – It gives you what you ask it to give you.  

 When we started testing the first HYS prototype, we cooked hundreds of eggs inside of it. Our team analyzed and recorded every variable, in order to distill the task of frying an egg down to its most basic components. We determine what settings we had to consider, both in terms of time and in terms of heat, to give people what they want out of each of the six cooking options. Consistency hasn’t been easy to achieve, but we’ve done it!

Feature 3 – It’s not just an egg cooker

 An egg cooker will ding when it’s finished its job, and if you’re lucky, and you’ve found the egg that matches its parameters, then you may get something resembling the egg that you wanted. Frying an egg is much more complex than boiling an egg, though. To fry an egg automatically, as this device does, we have had to integrate a variety of sensors and mechanisms into the device. You get low-heat cooking, to preserve protein, vitamins, and minerals, with a rich flavor in every preparation option.


Electrical Test Report

  • PASS FCC and UL standard