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HOTO 35-IN-1 ROTARY TOOL KIT: Turning DIY Dream Into Reality

Long Battery Life | Powerful Motor | Multi-functional | 5-Speed Adjustments | 25,000 RPM | Charging Cradle | 240g Lightweight

Get ready to add more spark to your life with HOTO, a powerful multi-functional rotary tool kit that has everything you need to make all your DIY dreams come true! Explore your creative ideas such as carving, engraving, grinding, polishing, cutting, pet nail grooming, and much more!


Equipped with 35 types of high-performance accessories, it meets your various requirements in cutting, grinding, milling, cleaning, polishing, drilling, sanding, and engraving. It also offers more work possibilities and is a must-have for DIYers and professionals alike.

The whole machine weighs only 240g, making it light and comfortable to hold while working on your projects.

Even in such a tiny body size, it can provide a max speed of up to 25000rpm. Thanks to the powerful 380 reinforced motor, it delivers true performance, which is equivalent to the effect of an 8V motor

Featuring five different speed gears: 5000~25000 rpm, HOTO 35-in-1 Rotary Tool Kit is designed for different scenarios and can be used on various materials.

With a gear memory setting, it can automatically memorize and retain the last gear used during an interrupted working session.

HOTO can last up to 50 minutes on a full charge thanks to the built-in 2000mAh high-capacity lithium battery. Get ready to enjoy your immersive creations without worrying about running out of battery.

With the charging cradle, HOTO can be easily accessed and recharged. Moreover, you can charge the battery between applications to extend battery life effectively.

The front end of the HOTO 35-in-1 Rotary Tool Kit is equipped with an LED ring shadowless fill light, which reduces the shadows of the backlight, helps with detail processing, and makes the surface of the workpiece clearer.

HOTO uses an innovative snap-on dust cover that can be installed immediately after suction. It can effectively block flying debris during operation, protecting the eyes and keeping the skin safe.

Say goodbye to shuffling through your toolbox to find what you need. The innovative detachable storage case neatly classifies your universally-compatible HOTO accessories.