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Holoswim 2: AR Smart Swim Goggles

Swim Smart with Metrics Tracking & Real-time Display, Your Personal Swimming Partner Anytime, Anywhere

Holoswim 2 monitors, displays, and records swimming metrics including distance, time, laps, pace, strokes, and more! Seeing live data at a glance helps to improve your swimming and optimize pool time.

Holoswim 2 provides three different modes to meet the different needs either of swimmers or professionals. Live metrics mode records key data including distance, timing, the number of back and forth and etc.  In Goal mode, it can set the time or distance in the goal settings, to make exercises more interesting and challenging. While in the Workout & Plan mode, it features different swimming workout plans for all levels for you to follow and practice. 

Holoswim 2 is easy and intuitive to control so that you can concentrate on swimming. A simple one button click switches between Live Metrics Mode, Goal Mode and Custom Mode. Capable of displaying up to 5 metrics of essential data simultaneously, users can choose what to see and display the data that is most important for their workout.

Designed with a resin-based AR optical module with 50% light transmittance and 25 Degree FOV, Holoswim 2 is perfect for underwater and pool environments. During swimming, it tracks movements and seamlessly displays data at 128*64 resolution in a simple and uncluttered way without blocking the swimmer’s view. 

It provides perfect clarity and a wide view and uses an Anti-fog, Anti-scratch lens that eliminates reflections and protects eyes with blue light blocking.

Ergonomically designed for lightweight, comfort and performance, Holoswim 2 includes 4 nose bridge sizes for a perfect leak-proof fit and 3D silicone eye seals & adjustable straps to accommodate any adult’s face and head size.

The 3D silicone eye seals are suitable for all face shapes, they are designed with lightweight medical graded silicon according to ergonomics which can fit the face contour scientifically, can also perfectly prevent water overflow, is a SMART choice for all-day uses. Adopted hydrodynamic design, Holoswim 2 can reduce the water resistance.

From elementary to pro, Holoswim provides 10 levels of training courses in app from H1 to H10. Training plan will be updated weekly to provide more swimming advices for users. At the same time, users can also set up their own training plan to improve the exercise effects.

Holoswim 2 automatically syncs to the swimming log to record results, provide analysis, and track improvements over time. 

You will meet lots of swimmers in the Holoswim app, and you also can share your swimming moments with them or your friends. 

Holoswim can be used independently as a smart wearable device that records swimming workout data or pair with the Polar heart rate meter (purchase separately). It allows you to monitor your heart rate in real time, measure exercise intensity scientifically, quantify the training effect, master the swimming rhythm, and improve the performance of sports.

  •  The heart rate accessory is not included in the package and heart rate detection will be available via OTA upgrade in the future. 

Holoswim 2 is compatible with Apple Watch and Garmin Watches to share heart rate, GPS and more. When swimming in the public area, you can use GPS to track your movements and generate your personal swimming map.

*Pairing with the watch will be upgraded via OTA.

Connect Holoswim 2 with phone via Bluetooth, to enable incoming call notifications on the goggles with a distance range of up to 50 meters so that you can leave your phone safely outside the pool and stay connected when needed.

Available in 3 stylish colors, you can pick one that suits your personal style.