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Hive GK

Ready-to-paint RGB dice tray for miniature board games

The ideal way to store ALL of your Wargame accessories for the best board game adventure. Anytime, anywhere.

You deserve it! You deserve to show up to your sessions with a well-constructed dice tray to stamp your presence.

A dice tray big enough to efficiently contain your accessories and thin enough to be tossed into a bag for a trip, all thanks to Its magnetic Lock that Snaps together & locks securely to open only when you want it.

Hive Gk a premium ready-to-paint dice tray model kit for board games, is a user-friendly dice organizer that displays the stage for the best board experience, anywhere the adventure calls.

Hive GK is where you make things happen in your game. This is the place where your adventures take shape.

 Express your ideas and emotions, by creating aesthetic painting of choice on your Hive GK to fit with your army theme from WH 40K,  WH age of Sigmar, D&G and more …

 The sturdy tray has two storage compartments with the capacity to store up to 60 dices, the magnetic rotation upper deck allows gamers set the dice on it in readiness for their turn to roll.

The center of the Hive is for rolling the dice. It can roll up to 20 dice at the same time.

What’s better ? It has a durable RGB lighting effect that is powered by a 3400mAH lithium battery and charged using USB.

The RGB light is controlled with a mobile app that is available in both android and IOS formats.

we create 7 themes laser engraved Kammon (Kammon means Japanese heraldic symbol) to pick up the RGB light effects resulting in a classic and aesthetic display.

Each theme also comes with it’s own ultra theme panel, designed by our 3D artist with a 4K SLA resin 3D printer (which gives a more detailed model than a 2K resin printer) to encourage you to apply any color theme of your choice to match army’s detail.

share this project to your gaming buddy’s and support this project to help us to unlock these awesome themes.

Hive GK is also a showcase for your miniatures.

This product is something you’d love to introduce to any board gamer you know: boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, a friend, an uncle/aunt, or even your daughter/son.

We employed excellent craftsmanship in the design, as we want to “come correct”

The finest gift for festive seasons: birthday, Christmas, etc.

Grab one for yourself if you are a board game freak too. It was made with your pride in mind.


The Hive GK is designed by gamer, the ideal size for storage and play, it can store up to 60 dice, and roll up to 35 dice with out dice stacking.