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Hinyx MagFlex 2 in1 Foldable Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand

✅Foldable Phone Stand✅15W Qi Portable MagSafe Charger✅Super Flexible Angle Adjustment✅Redefine the iPhone 12&13 charging experience!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could never have to worry about plugging in your phone again? With a magnetic wireless charger, you can! This nifty device simply attaches to the back of your phone or case and charges it wirelessly.

With most magnetic wireless chargers on the market, they are either too big or not flexible enough, which complicates traveling with multiple electronic devices! In order to make the magnetic wireless charger more convenient and user-friendly, we developed a new compact with a flexible design that could be adjusted to every angle of the bracket, and carry it with ease.

The magnetic wireless charging metal stand is a compact and portable device that can be adjusted to suit your needs. A high-speed wireless charger can be easily carried during travel or business trips.  You can magnetically snap the device onto the charger stably and securely, and release your hands for other uses.

It contains Magnetic(smaller) & Non-magnetic(larger) charging areas. The magnetic charging area is for iPhone Mag-safe series models, and the other base supports all Qi protocol charging devices: wireless earbuds, iPhones, and Android phones.

Wireless charging is becoming the standard for flagship smartphones, so Hinyx We utilize the latest wireless charging technology approved by Qi protocol that supports ultra-high speed charging up to 15W to juice your phone up rapidly.

By putting in an 0-90 degree adjustable supporting bar to the shaft,  and making the magnetic charging part 0-160 degrees rotatable, your phone could hover at any angle.

Your safety is our top priority. Hinyx has innovative safety technologies such as the design of charging power stability and heating temperature control while ensuring continuous charging, and much more to ensure the safety of charging.

The whole body and the shaft of the product are made of zinc alloy — a kind of metal material that has a higher density than aluminum alloy, ensuring firmness and durability. The overall metal texture makes it strong and delicate. The chassis is thickened to ensure the stability of the center of gravity. The non-slip cover is made of skin-friendly material, which gives you a good feeling while using it.

This mag-safe charging stand can charge your phone in any orientation. You will enjoy it so much while watching videos in landscape, in portrait mode for messaging and facial recognition, free your hands or cervical.