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Helloganss 75% Hot-Swappable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Ultimate Programmable Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard Usable With Up to 5 Mac or Windows Devices

Meet HS 75T, the Hot-Swappable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard of your typing-related dreams. Seriously. With a compact 75% layout that merges superb functionality with stunning design and programmable and customizable features, this is the keyboard every digital professional or gamer will love.

So here’s the thing. Your 108-key full-size mechanical keyboard is old school. Yes, it has multiple functionalities, but it’s also way too big and cumbersome. HS 75T solves that by being a 75% layout keyboard that does all that your 108-key keyboard does—in fact, it does so much more, and in a compact way!

This is a 2.4G wireless keyboard with a built-in 5.1 Bluetooth chip. You can connect your desktop computer with your laptop, two phones, and tablet, and use one same stellar-performing keyboard for all of them at the same time—and customize certain keys to make switching between devices as easy as it should be.

Use HS 75T in its wireless version and enjoy a super stable connection—which you can pair with up to 5 Bluetooth devices, be they Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android devices!

Alternatively, when you want, you can rely on an extremely stable USB Type-C wired connection that makes things simpler if and when that’s what you need!

We must be honest: we’re Apple design fans—but we’re also fans of universal compatibility. So we created HS 75T with a MAC layout but designed to be compatible with Mac or Windows computers, and with iOS or Android mobile devices. 

In fact, with HS 75T, you can even customize different keymaps and switch between seamlessly operating systems—because a truly good keyboard is supposed to give you freedom and options instead of forcing you to accept only one.

Advanced keyboard users want to be able to customize their keyboards. If you’re here, you definitely value a keyboard that gives you more options.

That’s what HS 75T does with its hot-swappable function. You can change between mechanical switches in a breeze, whether you prefer 3pin or 5pin MX style mechanical switches, and instantly customize your keyboard experience—with no soldering required!

So each user has their own preferences—we know that. We also know that both Gateron Mechanical and Cherry Mechanical switches are comfortable mechanisms that favor the kind of smooth user experience that HS 75T embodies.

That’s why we made both switches available. Choose from the Gateron or Cherry versions and enjoy precise positioning, extreme reliability, high operating force and sensitivity, and a fast and smooth travel experience. 

Basically, instead of making the choice ourselves and offering you only one version, we decided that should be up to you—knowing that any of these versions will provide you a great typing or gaming for those long keyboard journeys! 

A keyboard for digital professionals and serious gamers is only as good as its robust build and design. That’s what motivated us to add double-shot PBT keycaps to HS 75T: to make the fingertip typing experience smoother while making sure that the caps feature and extraordinary wear resistance. Yep, this is the tenkeyless keyboard that’s gonna stick around with you for years to come!

HS 75T includes a drive software with two versions (one for Windows and another one for Mac) that allows you to fully customize your keyboard and its settings. Easily decide what each key does based on your needs and preferences—instead of what’s typically imposed by what the factory programmed.

Your new mechanical keyboard also features two other important aspects. A premium rotary volume knob and a five-way navigation knob. Together, they make adjusting light and brightness levels, as well as volume, muting and unmuting, a one-second operation that becomes instinctive.

Work and play with a world of RGB lighting with 16.8 million LED colors. Choose from 21 pre-set lighting modes, switch between light colors, and have your keyboard’s brightness reflecting your mood—or the tone and environment you’re working or playing in.

Also, feel free to install different keycaps on your HS 75T—that won’t interfere with the RGB Backlights, so enjoy your freedom!

A wireless professional keyboard should have an amazing battery autonomy, and HS 75T sure has it. Equipped with a large capacity rechargeable 4000mAh battery or 5000mAh 4 x AA batteries, you’ll enjoy up to 600 hours with non-backlit of autonomy to work and play whenever you need, wherever you are!

HS 75T offers you two adjustable levels to choose the angle from which you’re typing. All digital professionals suffer from wrist strain, but this keyboard ergonomically supports your wrist so that you enjoy a more comfortable user experience, keeping away the typical hand, wrist and even elbow problems experienced when you’re typing and working for hours.

So when you’re typing and working, naturally you’re energetic and want to stay as productive as possible. The same is true when you’re gaming: you’re excited and gaming with vitality. With the average keyboard, that means a lot of noise and impacting feel when you’re hitting the keys.

HS 75T, on the other hand, features sound-absorbing foam and a thick silicone damping bottom pad. In a nutshell, you’ll enjoy a responsive and efficient typing experience that is smooth, removes the unpleasant noise of typing, and is gentler on your fingers. 

We designed HS 75T to be compact while still keeping all the essential function keys you’d expect to find in a truly good keyboard. We’ve also added the visual positioning mode switch button near the F4 and F5 keys but without adding more volume to the keyboard body.

It’s not just the keys of HS 75T Hot-Swappable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard that are customizable: you can also select one of the different colors in which we make it available.

Our range of colors have been developed to cater to the modern styles of different users. Check out our amazing color selections and choose the one that aligns with your style!