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Hatsiu: Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard-100 Keys

Compact 100 Keys | RGB Backlight | Bluetooth & 2.4 Ghz & Wired | Double-Shot PBT Layout | Hot-Swappable | Anti-ghosting

Hatsiu mechanical keyboard create an addictive typing experience. It features 100 keys, Outemu switch and PBT keycaps to boost your productivity and a great tactile typing experience. With RGB backlight and triple mode connection for MacOS, Windows, IOS, Android. Hatsiu is a power-packed keyboard for all keyboard enthusiasts.

Hatsiu mechanical keyboard has full-size functionality in a compact design with 100 necessary keys. Providing the perfect tactile typing experience, take your gaming and daily work to the next level.

Hatsiu regroup the four parts of the numeric keypad, the arrow keys, the main key area and the hotkeys area. Meet the needs of various scenes of work, games and typing. Especially using the numeric keyboard, data input and calculation become easier and faster.  


 There are 3 modes(Bluetooth 5.0/2.4Ghz Wirelss / USB-C Wired)to connect with up to 5 devices at the same time and you can easily switch between different connections with shortcut keys. It becomes the perfect solution for every desk, no matter what device setup you have.

Connect to one Wired  and 2.4Ghz and three bluetooth 5.0 devices. Use FN+Q/W /E to bluetooth 5.0 devices,FN+R to 2.4G devices.

Hatsiu keyboard is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS or Linux devices. There are differences in how keyboards work for each of these platforms, but Hatsiu will automatically adapt to each platform as far as possible, it can easily cross Platforms and recognize the OS it is paired with, re-mapping the keys in the process, complete with the hotkeys and shortcut keys as well.

 Hatsiu support 15 dynamic lighting effects keycaps and side panel. So can fly your colors on the  fingertips with customizable lights and giving you 16.8M color control via shortcuts, lighted keys looks awesome and matching your battle intensity during gameplay help you use your system at night or in low light.

 Hatsiu equipped with double-shot injection molded keycaps, which offers crystal clear uniform backlight and ensures markings does not come off. It allows for a soft and quiet feel and maintain a long-lasting beauty which  define their most comfortable  typing and gaming  experience.

Hatsiu provides a rich multimedia hotkeys will  improve the efficiency of work and game. With remarking functional logo will make it more convenient to use.

The switch is the most important part of the mechanical keyboard. Hatsiu chose Outemu switches, which it is known for being finely crafted and manufactured with quite a lot of care when it comes to build quality.  It is a series of mechanical switches that are both budget-friendly and high-quality in stabilization and keypress. They’re known to be at par with some of the best mechanical switches in the modern switch industry.

As we know, different switches bring different experience. Hatsiu has 2 switchs.

The blue switch offers “clicky” tactile feedback that certainly works for gamers or those who are in favor of the “ka ka” sound and the rhythm of typing.

The red switch offers smoother, quieter and faster tactile feedback than blue switches, making it especially popular among gamers. And red switch is the best switch that can be used in office.

Hatsiu can be hot swapped at wish and replaced by all of Outemu mechanical switches(including Gateron, Cherry, etc.), supporting hot swap of 3-pin/5-pin switches. It’s available in a wide range of switches, so you can easily get the ones you prefer to. 

 Well  Hatsiu has full-key no-punch design to ensure that every operation is accurate that allows you to enjoy the fast input speeds and play games without any delay.

The floating keycap and sloping angle of keys ensures superior ergonomic design to relieve fatigue from long hours of gaming and typing.

 Hatsiu has built-in 3600mA lithium battery. Recharges in 3 hours, Enjoy 40 hours of game time on a single charge and can use for 600 hours without backlight. So, there is no need to charge frequently, which makes you forget the anxiety of wireless keyboard battery. Low battery warnings at 15% on the keyboard battery LED.