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GAODI–High-performance Night Vision Goggles With 3D Display

3D Display l Dual Display l Photos and Videos l 3000mAh Long-Lasting Battery l 3 Wearing Modes | Affordable | Adjustable Diopter


 GAODI high-performance night vision goggles feature dual display and 3D display technology. They are compact and weigh only 440g so you can comfortably wear them on your head or mounted on a helmet. With these goggles you can turn observing landscapes, animals or objects into a cinematic experience. The adjustable diopter and long-life battery allow you to have long-time observation without any glasses, and 4 display modes and 7 adjustable infrared levels ensure a great viewing experience. They are ideal for camping, hiking, bird watching, searching, rescuing and hunting trips.



GAODI NV8000 is Night Vision goggles have a built-in 3000mAh lithium battery with long standby time and rechargeable functionality. Most of the similar products in the market need extra purchase of disposable batteries, which increases the costs and environmental pollution, also it leads to an increase in the weight of the product, which makes them difficult and inconvenient to carry or use. 

Enjoy a more defined view of your surroundings without paying a premium price. GAODI goggles feature a US patented auto stereoscopic 3D display which uses the imaging mechanism of a human eye to transform a standard 2D view into 3D vision.

Enjoy a balanced and clear view at all times. The goggles come with independent dual eyepieces, which can be adjusted to suit each eye. As a result, you do not need to wear extra glasses whilst using the goggles whether you are short or far-sighted.

Myopia refraction adjustment range is plus or minus +/-3, hyperopia 300° adjustment compensation.


The goggles measure only 152*122*55mm and weigh 440 grams. Being so small and lightweight they are comfortable to wear on the head and they can also be fitted on a helmet. Very convenient for professionals and hobbyists alike.

For convenient use, the goggles can be worn in three different ways: Portable Head Mounted, Professional Helmet Wear and Strap Type.

Gain better control over your viewing experience. With GAODI goggles, you can choose between two TFT 1.4 inch displays with resolution of 390*390. In addition, both come with 3D functionality and 7 brightness levels to ensure high image quality under any conditions. In addition, you can also switch between single and dual display modes.

Use at night

Need a clear close-up view during the day? With these goggles that’s not an issue. Featuring the 1.3 MP photo sensor, they can produce Full HD view during both daytime and night.

Use during the day

Video resolutions:1080P(1920x1080P@30FPS )、960P(1280×960@30FPS )、VGA(640×480@30FPS )

Photo resolution:3M(2048×1536) 、2M(1600×1200)、1M(1280×960)

They offer 4 imaging modes to suit different practical requirements: color, B/W, moonlight green and film negative imaging.

Get a clear view in any outdoors setting. GAODI goggles have a clever design including a built-in 3W 850nm infrared LED light which enables you to see clearly within a 300-meter distance. You can also adjust it with 7 infrared power levels. Ideal to create a perfect viewing experience in different surroundings.

The distance of 300m can be observed in the dark environment, the distance of 1m to infinity can be observed in the low light environment, and the lens angle of 10° can provide you with a more comprehensive field of vision.

If you need to observe an object which is afar or very small in size, GAODI goggles offer you an easy fix. Their 4x digital and 6x optical zooming functionality and manual focus enable users to see larger and clearer images. To adjust the zoom you need to simply turn the knob to change the focus and keep going until the image is clear enough.

Designed to be environmentally friendly and practical, GAODI goggles feature a built-in 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery which can connect to a power bank or car charger for charging.

In addition, users can store files on a 32GB memory card and read them with a card reader or access them via connecting to a PC.

GAODI goggles can be safely used in wet conditions. Their frame features ABS, PVC and waterproof silicone which effectively protect it from fog or light rain.

To keep the goggles more stable and thus more comfortable to use, you can fit them on a tripod using a screw hole for tripod installation and stabilizer installation.