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Gale VS: Ultralight + Packable Jacket For Any Adventures

New and improved material using our Sunsail™ yarn. So small that it fits in your back pocket. So light that you can barely feel it.


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Gale VS is a featherlight, well-rounded jacket you would take anywhere, from cycling through city streets to trail running an exposed ridgeline.

After the success of our last Kickstarter, ‘The Helios Trail Pants’, where we developed our proprietary Sunsail™ fabric derived from discarded fishing nets, we decided to use the same technical yarn to develop our new Gale VS jacket.

The Gale VS jacket does not include built-in heaters, air conditioners, 40+ pockets with another 100+ features stuff into the jacket, nor does it make you bulletproof and make you fly- that would be pretty epic, to be honest. 

But the reality is this type of product generally over-promises and under-delivers.

The Gale VS jacket plays smarter, not harder. 

Reading time: 2 minutes. 

It’s all in the layers.

Technical shell jackets usually come in different ‘layers’ of fabric constructions. The outer layer would provide protection against the elements, and the inner layers would provide benefits to the body such as waterproofing, breathability, moisture-wicking, and cooling. The more layers you have, the more protection you would get against the elements, but the overall comfort level also decreases because thicker, multi-layered fabrics are not as breathable as single-layered fabrics. They are also much heavier and have a stiffer hand feel. 

1. Single layer. Double features.

With our Gale VS, we applied different innovations within a single-layered construction, resulting in a lighter material while providing the features of a 2 layer equivalent jacket. At only 40gsm, our fabric is truly ultralight and extremely soft. 

2. Normal ripstop vs Micro ripstop.

Ripstop fabric provides added durability by having heavier threads weaved together so that a tear will not spread. The closer the weave, the less chance a tear will spread. You can normally tell a ripstop fabric by its square pattern on the surface, but you can hardly see ours because we chose a micro ripstop construction to provide extra durability in an ultralight fabric.  

3. What is Cire© cooling technology?

Cire© is a performance finish where we use a heat and pressure technique to enhance the material structure without adding extra weight or harmful chemicals to the fabric. We applied this to the inside of the fabric, which you can feel once you put the jacket on by its cool-to-touch hand feel. As you move, Cire© kicks in to keep your body temperature well regulated and prevent you from overheating. If you run hot, this will be a joy to experience! 

Complete product specs can be found at the bottom of this page or in our FAQ.

With over 14 features fused into one single layer of fabric, we have created a unique versatile jacket that you can rely on wherever you go. The classic question of ‘why didn’t I bring a jacket?!’ would not apply to the Gale VS.

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The Gale VS has two interior deep pockets for larger items, two exterior deep pockets for other items, and one secured inner pocket for your essentials.

Our Gale jacket has been tested by Trailblazers worldwide for the past 3 months since our capsule launch of the FL version last year.

The VS (Version Sunsail™) model shares all the great features of the FL. The main difference is the fabric construction, which is now made from our Sunsail™ yarn derived from discarded fishing nets and re-engineered into a micro-ripstop fabric.

Please watch the product demonstration video below by Active Ideas:

We also gave Seth, a seasoned marathon runner, the jacket to test out. It is a sponsored video for full disclosure, but Seth only agreed to the collaboration after testing it for a few months and decided the Gale FL is now his new go-to windbreaker.

Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru | 16,677 feet ✔️


  • Thermoregulating fabric with a unique cool-to-touch interior hand feel
  • Featherlight and ultra-packable (Medium: 100g/3.5oz)
  • Micro ripstop fabric for added durability
  • PFC-Free DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish
  • YKK® zipper and snap button
  • Two deep side pockets with an interior secured pocket
  • Two deep interior pockets for larger items only
  • Hidden arm pit Airvents™ for extra temperature regulation
  • Quick adjustable Galehood™ that provides a customizable fit
  • Elasticized cuffs and hem with a drop tail coverage for cyclers
  • Reflective detail on the right arm and hanging loop at the back neck
  • Sun protection (UPF 50+)


  • 100% recycled Sunsail™ nylon
  • 40gsm (1.4oz) woven micro ripstop
  • Cire© performance finish
  • Machine wash cold/low heat. Tumble dry low


  • Our unique Cire© cool-to-touch performance finish is 100% chemical-free
  • PFC-Free  DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish
  • Fabric is from 100% recycled content
  • 1% of sales made from this product gets donated back to nonprofits
  • Made responsibly in a WRAP-certified factory in Vietnam
  • We are a Climate Neutral company