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FOCI 2 – Work Smart with the most Powerful Productivity Tech

It’s not how hard you work. A better productivity tool to Power Up your 2022!

Why work hard, when you can work smart and play hard? Take advantage of an unparalleled productivity tool with the best-in-class focus skill training, to give yourself the extraordinary edge in career and grades.


Ditch the primitive time tracker and whatnots. Other productivity tools’ capacity to track your performance dulls in the face of FOCI. Start draw unprecedented insight of how you work.

Don’t stay in the dark. Get to know every focus, calm, distraction, stress, fatigue while you work. Find out when and why you lose focus or see how well you do today. 

When moments weren’t recorded it’s lost. Track your work sessions, view detailed productivity stats on your working patterns, to understand how you focus, and record your triumph.

Why waste your time on unproductive work when you are already fatigued? Cut short wastes, with timely nudges. Customize five types of distraction vibrations to stay productive.

Why are smart people so focused? Take the shortcut. Upgrade to a first-class focus power, using the most advanced training technology.


Use it or lose it. Gain the intuition of directing your executive functions (EFs) with simple practice of controlling the motion of ripples. Master this focus skill to peak your mental performance.



Start or join a Study Session with people who want to get focused. See how well you stand amongst others and motivate each other.

Smart is the new sexy. But we can have both the brain and beauty. Certified by jury of top designers in the world, FOCI is a beautiful addition to your waistline.

FOCI 1’s original design

FOCI 2’s upgraded design

Sleeker, better grip, more comfort

FOCI 2 would command the second generation machine learning engine. This would generate around 2-3x performance boost from FOCI 1, with lower latency, faster learning, smarter analysis. You will be seeing and feeling the most powerful productivity technology, to give yourself the edge.

More than 18000 backers from Indiegogo and 2229 backers from Kickstarter, from over 43 countries supported FOCI 1.

It’s highlighted that I at times work too much into exhaustion as my mind wants to finish something while the lest of my system desires recovery. Just by putting on the device it’s been like an intention setter to go into the flow cave ;).

I found FOCI helpful in validating Flow and distraction experience for users who engage in long-duration solo, seated work. I see writers, coders, UI/UX designers, financial professionals like accountants or analysts benefiting from the device. If I have clients in these areas, I would recommend the device to help them get into Flow, manage distraction and improve their emotional experience.

The rhythm sound help to remind to focus & catch if I’m distracted. Centering the attention to the moment instead of multitasking.

It’s fantastic! The data and analytics are incredible. One of the most coherent, intuitive and coolest wearables. Gives you insights into your moods and focus like never before. Great job FOCI!


Breathing pattern is closely correlated with emotion states. When we consider how our breathing changes when we are stressed or relaxed, this seems intuitive. If we are focused, or distracted, this will be reflected in the tiny movements in our breathing that the motion sensor detects.

When a research scientist finds a neuro-respiratory pattern, this requires analyzing a huge data set, and hours of processing. We applied machine learning to do this naturally, analyze the minute ebb and flow of diaphragmatic breathing from the waist, in real time – with a tiny device, for everyday use.