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Fingerbot Sense: Automate Everything with No Effort

Make your traditional appliances smart with a simple attach. Controlled through App, voice, automation, and more. Zigbee supported.


Almost all appliances in our lives are designed to be controlled by our Fingers. But the physical distance is sometimes inconvenient.  Ever thought of letting someone else push a button for you? Let Fingerbot help! Extend your reach with our newest version of Fingerbot to turn all of your traditional appliances into smart devices, just like turning stone into gold.

Fingerbot Sense comes in two versions: the Zigbee version and the Bluetooth version. It can be controlled by various smart methods including App, voice, schedule, timer, home automation with other products, and more to discover!

With many smart functions supported and the modular arm design, Fingerbot fits almost every scenario and can be smartly controlled. Your traditional devices are retrofitted.

In this Covid raging period, it’s crucial to stay away from viruses. The main thing to notice is to avoid touch with every button surface that people interact with the most. We incorporated the idea into the latest version when we upgraded Fingerbot. Let it be your smart button-pusher plus your health protector. 

The first generation of Fingerbot is designed in 2020. During these two years, together with our community, two more generations have been released, and each time, Fingerbot is more powerful than ever.

Adaprox dedicates to bringing the world user-friendly and innovative IoT products and services. Thanks to the amazing Kickstarter community, multiple projects have been successfully funded, and our team has also become more and more experienced.

With the combination of interchangeable arms and four types of control modes, Fingerbot Sense will take over any buttons and switches effortlessly.

Straight Arm

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Fingerbot comes with a regular-lengthed straight arm by default. It is suitable for triggering buttons and other places where a simple push is enough to do the job. Arms with different lengths can be found in the Toolpack (sold separately).


Rocker Arm

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The rocker arm (sold separately in Tookpack) has a flexible flat surface in the end, and together with our designated 3M tape, the Fingerbot will be able to both pull up and push down the switch.  It is suitable for all rocker switches.


Toggle Arm 

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The toggle arm (sold separately in Tookpack) has an O-shaped tip. It is designed to cling to the toggle switch and then flip it in both directions. 


Customizable Arms

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Have some special switches or needs that even Toolpacks cannot help? Don’t worry, we have released the 3D-printing template file. You can customize a unique arm for your own need!

Click Mode

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Click mode imitates your finger pressing the button. In Click Mode, Fingerbot will move its arm down and retract after some time. It’s up to you to decide how deep it goes and how long you want to hold it.


Switch Mode

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Switch mode is suitable for all kinds of on/off switches. The specially designed arm will stick to one side of the switch, relying on push/pull to perform the on/off action. Your normal physical control is preserved by placing your hand above the Fingerbot. 


Program Mode

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If you need to push a button regularly, let program mode help! Design the repeated movement you like, and you are free to leave—no more worrying about being pinned down by your computer when you WFH. Go enjoy a cup of coffee, or take a rest!


Multistate Mode

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For some buttons/switches with three or more stages, we develop a solution for you! The multistate mode can make Fingerbot stop at one of the positions you set, for example, the up, down, and stop positions of a shade switch.

Touchless Control

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Place your hand over the induction area. It will detect your existence and trigger the button/switch. Stay sanitized will help protect both you and your family.


App Control

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Apart from triggering Fingerbot, everything you need to customize your Fingerbot can be found in our App. Changing movements, setting up schedules, switching modes, programming, and sharing control of the Fingerbot with your family members, etc.


Voice Control

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No more getting out of the car to shut the garage door! Together with Adaprox HomeHub, the Fingerbot Sense follows your voice commands. Ask it to close the garage door through your favorite voice assistants (currently supports Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant).


Remote Control

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It would be handy if the TV remote can turn the lights on/off. Using Fingerbot together with a Fingerbot remote (sold separately in add-ons) can perform just like that. With Fingerbot Remote, it’s like carrying your A/C buttons in your pocket!


Timer and Schedule

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Waking up with a freshly brewed coffee! The timer/schedule function enables you to make the Fingerbot trigger itself at your preset time. 

Fingerbot Sense works with many different third-party services, such as Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. Let it be a part of your smart home system. You can set up automation and scenes on these platforms and make Fingerbot work together with other smart services you have.

Fingerbot Sense comes in two editions: the Bluetooth version and the Zigbee version. 


The Bluetooth version can directly work with your smartphone. But without the help of a Homehub, some features are restricted, and the control distance is limited to be near your smartphone. 


The Zigbee version of Fingerbot requires Homehub, but it is more stable in terms of connections, and the connection range is wider (please check the add-on section for details of upgrading Fingerbot to the Zigbee version).

Fingerbot Remote supports Zigbee protocol only. To control the Fingerbot Sense via a Fingerbot Remote, a HomeHub is needed to act as a bridge to convert all the instructions to the cloud.