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EZ MILL- 2 in 1 Salt & Pepper E-Dual Mill

Dual-Side Grinding Design | One Button Operation | 5-Precise Grind Settings | Type-C Rechargeable | Long Standby

The EZ MILL is designed for cooking-our dual-end grinder can grind salt as well as pepper, and has 5-precise grind settings. One-handed use, one-button switch. Cooking has never been easier.

When you cook, this gravity electric grinder that can be used with one hand will be your best kitchen helper.

Unlike traditional or regular grinders, you can use either end of the EZ MILL to add seasoning to your food. 

Each end of the EZ MILL is equipped with a conical ceramic mechanism burr mill that will grind even the toughest sea salts, peppercorns and spices.

You just need to turn the side you want to grind down, as there is a gyroscope sensor built in.

Two high performance ceramic mill grinders that take up the space of just one. You can easily store it just about anywhere. It won’t take up much room in a cupboard or drawer, and can go with you when you travel or camping.

Both salt and pepper grinder do not need to be added frequently, and you do not have to worry about running out of seasoning after a meal.

The dual storage space of the EZ MILL can store 35ml & 40ml of seasoning respectively, and it does not need to be cleaned before and after each use. The completely sealed EZ MILL keeps the seasonings dry and free from moisture.

Benefit from the one-button operation design, you no longer need to grind pepper with your hands. Just simply turn upside down and get fresh ground salt or pepper. Allows you to activate the spices you like with one hand, while the other hand is free to handle other kitchen tasks.

The built-in blade is designed to reduce the risk of being cut and make it safer for you and your family to use.

The key to EZ MILL’s outstanding performance is a high-torque motor paired with a modern, high-energy lithium battery. This combination provides plenty of power to quickly grind even the toughest peppercorns.

The grain adjustment dial is on the outside of the EZ MILL.

The gear selection at a glance makes it easy to choose the particle size you like. 5-Precise Grind Settings, ranging from fine to coarse, will cover just about every dish, because we know everyone loves to salt and pepper their food to their taste.

From super fine to coarse and everything in between
                    an effectively wash and remove the blood of beef on the surface more thoroughly, and make the taste more delicate. 
                    A must for cured meats, it can better activate the meat before cooking and increase the base flavor. 
                    Great for dishes that don’t require chewing, like thick soups, porridge, or seasoning sauces. 

With its integrated rechargeable 750mAh lithium battery, the EZ MILL may be charged whenever and anywhere you like. With a two-hour charge, the incredibly long standby duration enables up to 180 times of use.

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