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EVO CLEANER: Smallest 2-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner & Air Pump

Powerful and compact 2-in-1 car cleaning solution for effortless deep cleaning of your auto interior.


As the world’s smallest and most lightweight car vacuum cleaner, EVO CLEANER is designed to capture any mess in your car fast and set you free from tedious cleaning. At just 0.57 lbs. (258g), it helps you clean any part of your car’s interior with uncompromised power and balanced maneuverability.

Its ergonomic design and impressively portable size fits right into your palm and make it FLEXTAILGEAR’s handiest vacuum cleaner to date.

You can use this portable vacuum cleaner to move around freely to clean any gaps in the car interior, in between sofa cushions in the guest room, the corners of the living room, and the kitchen. This portable vacuum cleaner can go with you anywhere, providing convenience to get your cleaning done fast.


Although compact in size, EVO CLEANER has a powerful 65 watt motor with advanced AIRVORTECH technology that achieves 5.0k Pascals of suction power at High Power Mode and 3.0k Pascals at Low Power Mode and a vortex-like suction effect that captures particles from hard-to-reach areas.

Spinning up to 50,000 rpm, it effortlessly sucks up dust, mites, hair, along with small and large debris and other annoying residuals, for a quick and easy car interior cleaning experience.


Fancy yourself a road trip and some outdoor adventure? Take along your EVO CLEANER and use it in air pump mode. You can quickly fill any large inflatable to greater capacity with ease.

Pump up your air products in a snap. It is the perfect pump for swim tubes, air mattresses, pools, and inflatable furniture. Leave EVO CLEANER in the car for any recreational activities and have 2-in-1 convenience at your command.


Isn’t it annoying when your cordless vacuum cleaner suddenly runs out of power? EVO CLEANER is equipped with dual industry-leading batteries of 3000mAh each. These energy-dense lithium-ion batteries deliver 40 minutes of fade-free handheld cleaning in Low Power Mode and  22 mins in High Power Mode, ideal for speedy spill pick-ups and quick cleaning anywhere.

An intelligent Type-C fast charging interface is supported for quick recharges. You can charge it via a power bank or AC adapter to quickly prepare it for the next mission. EVO CLEANER is always ready to keep your vehicle’s interior spotless.


EVO CLEANER’s contemporary design is unique, clean, and minimalist. We care about the details and focus on build quality. Whether on the table or in the trunk, this stylish and useful device looks great and compliments your car’s interior.


EVO CLEANER is equipped with an advanced HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) H12 filtration system. It can efficiently capture 99% of dust, small particles, and other pollutants, thereby effectively preventing secondary pollution caused by dust backflow and ensuring clean and fresh air.


EVO CLEANER is equipped with a washable environmentally-friendly HEPA filter that is of better quality than an ordinary stainless steel filter. You can easily remove it for cleaning to maintain the best filtration performance. Removable, reusable, and easier to clean so it’s always fresh and odor-free.


A see-through 40ml large-capacity removable debris cup sits at the end of the vacuum. The cup is removable for emptying and is ideal for both wet and dry debris. EVO CLEANER also comes with a protective lid to keep the trash in the observable container.


EVO CLEANER has 3 versatile attachments to help you efficiently clean the car, home, office, crevice corners, sofa pillows, keyboard & desks, bookshelves, and other places, for hair, dander, pet hair, debris, and other small messes. A wide-mouth brush is perfect for carpet and auto upholstery and general dusting.