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E-Knee3: Your Next-Gen Knee Support Solution With Airbags

One-click Start| Airbag Protection | Automatic adjustment | Light and breathable | non-slip waterproof | Long standby | Data tracking

Last year, with your help, we launched E-Knee – your custom smart knee brace solution. The Kickstarter campaign was a huge success and helped us reach users around the world. We listened to your feedback and have packed it with new features including App, Switch 2 modes, Machine washable, Anti-slip design, Stronger battery…Your valuable comments and suggestions have helped guide the development of our latest product: E-Knee3

1. One-click Start

You can easily press with your finger and then the E-Knee3 start working in seconds. 

2. Real-time Support with Airbag System

The E-Knee3 comes with a built-in smart ARM chip, gyroscopes and air pressure sensors. It will monitor different levels of pressure and motion in real-time, and then the pressure of the airbag will be auto- adapt to the sports state. E-Knee3 gives our knees maximum support during various sports.

3. Smart control module design

E-Knee can effectively support your patella, meniscus, and ligaments

E-Knee detects different levels of air pressure based on initial tightness and saves the data for the next time.  Three preloaded profiles offer the right support in any situation: rest (sitting down), low-intensity (jogging for example), and high-intensity (basketball for example).

Once the gyroscope detects a different activity level, it changes modes within three seconds and instantly inflates or deflates the airbags, which solves the headache issue of regular knee pads that are often too tight or too loose. 

4. Optimum Breathability+Total Comfortable

Upgraded air knit fabric is more lightweight and breathable to wear. The fabric is wear-resistant, heat-dissipating, and breathable.

The E-Knee3 not only has a technological appearance but also can give you a very comfortable experience. The weight of E-Knee3 is only 220g/0.49lb, so you can wear them all day long!

The Control Box is removable and machine washable after removing the control box for maximum hygiene. Users can always wash the E-Knee3 in the washing machine at any time, instead of you have to wash the brace by hand after exercise. It will save your lots of time and energy.

5. Anti-slip Technology

Upgrade the defects of E-Knee and other similar products, The E-knee3 comes with Double anti-slip technology. Elastic webbing stitched inside and a non-slip silicone strip. It also means fewer adjustments throughout the day.

6. Longer Battery Life

E-Knee 3 comes with a strong battery which only takes 1 hour to charge. Once fully charged it can use without interruption for the next 36 hours.

7. All Your Performance On E-Knee App

Connect via Bluetooth on your device, you can track your performance easily via the E-Knee smartphone App that’s available for Android and iOS.  ( Sports Index, Knee Force, and Usage Times). 

At the same time, you can also precisely customize the E-Knee3 via E-Knee App. The E-Knee3 contains normal and power-saving modes. You can switch seamlessly between the two modes, and even adjust the specific air pressure value of the E-Knee3.







The E-Knee3 features a charming design and is sized perfectly for both men and women, is suitable for both left and right thighs. They are widely used in many sports such as Running, Jogging, Gym, Weightlifting, Basketball, Volleyball, CrossFit, Tennis and more!