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DWARD: Harmonized Infusion of Auto& Quartz. 300M Diver Watch

Modern Reinterpretation of Vintage Diver Watches. 4 Ticks/Sec. Sweeping Quartz Movement/ Made with the Finest High-Tech Materials



The ‘Spino Diver 300’ incorporates the best modern technology and high-end materials with 1950s vintage watch designs. The 316L stainless steel, ceramic bezel, and slim 10.5mm case can withstand 300M water pressure.

Watch enthusiasts say that the vibe of automatic watches is just amazing but the hassle of winding the clockwork, overpriced units, and the possibility of its movement stopping is just not worth it.

SW watches’ Spino Diver 300 production journey all began here. So, we concluded that the key to satisfying watch enthusiasts worldwide was QUARTZ. After years of contemplation, we discovered a new quartz movement called Sweeping Quartz Movement, in which the second-hand moves as if it were equipped with automatic movements.

Starting July of 2022, For the first time on Kickstarter, we are introducing the diver watch ‘Spino Diver 300’, withholding the beauty of the unique vibe of automatic movement intact without the hassle of winding the spring every time. We would like to present the accuracy of quartz and the unique vibe of automatic movements through ‘Spino Diver 300’.

The ‘Spino Diver 300’s’ design was inspired by the initial vintage Rolex diver watches. Dot & Trident Index and the sward hands maintain their value of beauty after time.


So we can proudly say that we have fused modernistic technology and delicate beauty in to ‘Dward Spino 300’

Surprisingly the ‘Spino Diver 300’ is a quartz watch. It mimics the fluent mechanical watch movement by moving at a speed of 4 ticks per second.

As the end piece was removed, we were able to provide a better fit.

And by applying the sweeping quartz movement we were able to solve the inconvenience of automatic watches but kept their unique vibe.


Seiko VH31 Movement

The Seiko VH31 Movement released back in 2015, ticks 4 beats per second. This provides a movement like an automatic watch but is equipped with the accuracy and convenience of a Quartz watch.


As the needles move fluently and naturally like automatic movement watches, it provides an extremely comfortable movement.

Simply said the VH31 Sweep Second Movement provides the fluidity of an automatic watch and the accuracy of a quartz watch. There is no need to set the time every day or wind its clockwork.


As for a diver watch to fully prove itself, it must provide extremely clear visibility in dark spaces (i.e underwater). The Super Luminova C3 Glow coated hands and index provide extremely clear visibility when submerged underwater and while diving.

It usually displays an elegant light green color but the moment it gets dark, it truly glows and shines.

When the Super Luminova C3 is compared with other industry-leading glow paint, you can see its overpowering glowing brightness and duration. Check it out yourself.

41.5mm The Perfect Size

The core of the case design is its ‘fit’. We wanted the Dward Spino to fit on the majority of people’s wrists. The 41.5mm seemed perfect on most men’s wrists, not too big or too small, and could be fitted close to perfection.

The curved lugs and the all-in-one strap keeps the case close to the user’s wrist for a perfect and smooth fit


Screw Down Crown: Crowd Guard


The casing has a somewhat restrained crown guard that keeps the watch classy and robust. The crown was completed by polishing the symbolistic mark of DWARD, the ‘Compass Logo’

The extremely durable stainless steel 316L case back is imprinted with a Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus was the largest carnivorous dinosaur during the Cretaceous period and was known as one of the highest-ranked predators in the water.

It’s a semi-hydrophobic (amphibious) dinosaur that could survive both in water and on land, which is aligned with the ability of the ‘Spino Diver 300’. The ‘Spino Diver 300’ can be used both in water and on land, during any situation, with its one-of-a-kind presence and durability.

The deeply and vividly imprinted Spinosaurus mark was inspired by the silhouette of the dinosaur swimming in the water. It is a design that gives you a powerful sense of liveliness up to the highest level of satisfaction

To live up to the standards of a true “Diver Watch”, we designed the DWARD Spino 300 to fully function under the deepest waters. The piece can withstand up to 300M of water pressure and stay beautiful


The Dward Spino 300 is a watch that does not consist of an end-piece connecting the head and band of the watch. Due to this all-in-one design/feature, the watch can perfectly curve around the user’s wrist to provide a superior fit.

The front of the watch is equipped with a very high-grade sapphire glass. Dward’s sapphire glass has a hardness of 9/10 Mohs, which is the hardest material in the world after diamonds.

The Dward Spino 300 is extremely powerful against daily scratches, has a high light transmittance, and its internal non-reflective coating displays the watch with the highest clarity without distortion.

Stainless Steel 316L is known for its corrosion-free feature and safeness to the human body as it is used in medical devices. Which is also known to be used for premium watches costing thousands of dollars.

The 120-clicking single-direction rotational bezel made with ceramic and aluminum is perfect for accurately keeping track of your diving time. As you can see below, you can see is amazingly soft and smooth movement.

The bezel insert was designed in black, green, blue, and coke to allow you to freely select them to your liking.

Black, Green, Blue: Made with corrosion resistant ceramic.

Colors do not fade away from being exposed to colorized water and seawater.

Coke: Made with aluminum to bring back vintage diver watches to life.

Brings back the reminiscence of 1950~1980s Rolex diver watches


The folding buckle is equipped with a divers extension system. Its double-locking clasp is designed to withstand extremely thick diving suits and allow divers to keep their watches on during their extreme diving journey.

folding system

extension system

Due to the characteristic of diver watches, users must be able to keep them on with stability. So we have made reverse straps accessible to our backers. Keep your watch on with stability and style underwater.




The Dward Spino 300 was designed to allow users to exchange its strap without any extra tools. Freely exchange your rubber and steel straps according to your needs.