DUVOSS: A Phone Sized Speaker that Delivers Implosive Sound

Take the party anywhere with this lightweight speaker with incredible acoustics. Pair two together for true wireless stereo

Why should great sound be limited to the indoors or big, bulky speakers? With the DUVOSS portable speaker, you can curate the soundtrack of your life, anywhere you go. Need the perfect music to accompany you to the beach, mountaintop, or even during a workout? DUVOSS is the lightweight, grab-and-go audio solution. With its Bluetooth connectivity, it delivers everything from the deepest, funkiest bass lines to treble notes that Mariah Carey would envy. Meet your new go-everywhere musical companion: DUVOSS.

Grab and go with DUVOSS. It’s as spontaneous as you. And is the life of the party

DUVOSS is sized similar to a smartphone, but the audio volume is 30% louder than a smartphone

Accessories enable DUVOSS goes with you wherever you do.

Never again hear the words, “I wish we had some music.” DUVOSS is the compact and lightweight solution for engaging all your musical desires, no matter where you go. Forget bulky speakers and messy wires. DUVOSS easily fits into any bag or pocket ready to deliver big sound at the touch of a button.

DUVOSS delivers powerful sound to blend in different outdoor environments.

Built-in dual speaker cones for higher volume

Strict tuning for all songs they were meant to be

Diamond-shaped surround distribution, to fit the sound propagation trajectory so that every level of the sound is clear

Similar to most loudspeakers, the combination of the acoustical and aesthetic design of DUVOSS is to deliver deafening, clear, and stunning sound

Small size doesn’t mean small power. DUVOSS delivers big, crystal-clear sound with its two built-in 5W multi-directional speaker cones. Not only does it bring impressive acoustics, but its gorgeous design is also worth fawning over. Small to large grilles correspond to low, mid, and high tones, that deliver impressive bass, majestic midrange, and a full treble.

Waterproof, Dustproof, Durable Craftsmanship

DUVOSS meets IP67 waterproof standards, so you’ll feel confident taking it to pool parties. It’s also sealed to keep out debris. Get dirty? No worries. Simply give it a rinse under some water. DUVOSS is constructed to literally go anywhere.

 Waterproof Test

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Under TWS mode, two speakers will automatically split into left and right audio channel

True Stereo is better or even perfect when you are staying outdoors

Fans of True Stereo will love the DUVOSS. Simply turn on two DUVOSS speakers simultaneously, connect Bluetooth from your device, and your DUVOSS speakers will automatically split into right and left channels. Viola! A true stereo separation quality sound effect. The speakers even memorize your previous connection preference. DUVOSS connects via Bluetooth within 10m, so you can enjoy music from virtually any device, turning any environment into your own personal sound factory.

Simple double-press to switch between indoor and outdoor modes

Outdoor mode: Powerful and crystal-clear sound performance. Indoor mode: Offers a spatial audio experience

Two modes provide ideal sound settings: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor mode delivers a powerful and crystal-clear sound effect. The indoor mode is designed to adapt to sound bouncing off indoor surfaces such as a wall and delivers softer and quieter tonalities. Control everything with the buttons displayed on the device. No app connectivity is required, making it super easy to use

Once clicked, magnetic charging begins, making it easier and safer

Part of the DUVOSS speaker’s innovative design includes magnetic charging, which allows it to be sealed and helps to protect it from water and dust. This design feature also promotes the safe use of the speaker and helps prevent misuse or accidents, as well as making charging the device a breeze.