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Duovox Mate Pro: Capture and See the Night As If It Were Day

The Most Advanced True-Color Night Vision Camera | Next-Gen Sony STARVIS 2 CMOS Sensor | 1000 ft Range | F0.9 | 2K Full-Color | 512 GB

Gone are the days when you needed a Hollywood budget, lights, crews, and expensive cameras to capture night scenes. 

Duovox Mate Pro gives you HD true color night vision in an easy-to-use point-and-shoot setup. 

No matter the environment, Duovox Mate Pro delivers a crystal clear picture as bright as day — people won’t believe you when you say you shot it at night!

You’re out in the woods. At 4 AM. There’s no moon, just some stars in the sky. And the sky is cloudy. You can’t even see your friend walking in front of you…

But Duovox Mate Pro can see through the darkness, and offer a clear, true-color 2K video of your surroundings — without a flash!

* Down to 0.0001 lux, equivalent to an overcast, moonless night sky.

Duovox Mate Pro’s powerful night vision is made possible by an exclusive custom-made state-of-the-art imaging sensor by Sony — the Sony STARVIS 2 1/1.8’’ Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor. 

The ultra-low pixel density sensor — just like on Sony’s own $3,500 a7S III — captures high-quality video with reduced noise and improved clarity along with impressive sensitivity.   

Duovox Mate Pro uses the latest Sony 1/1.8” day-night real-time imaging sensor to capture clear video in 2K and stunning 5MP (in JPEG & RAW) images with resolutions of 3200×1800, with the highest dynamic range ever seen in a handheld camera — over 22 stops!


Wildlife Photography 



City Photography

Dash Cam

Home Security Cam

Night-Time Content Creation

LED Light. 3 Levels of Brightness

Dimmable Screen. Stay Hidden While Recording

Using advanced AI algorithms trained on millions of night-time photographs, and in-body optimization based on what you’re photographing, Duovox Mate Pro pulls the most detail out of a scene without introducing digital noise.

Algorithmic adjustments to parameters such as saturation and contrast help balance brightness in an image, improving clarity. 

And dedicated noise reduction instantly processes the image to reduce noise at levels never seen before for the clearest picture.

Don’t worry about shutter speeds and long exposure, aperture and ISO sensitivity…

Duovox Mate Pro’s advanced AI Assist Dynamic Algorithm takes care of all the decisions, rendering high-quality images with the simple press of a button

DuoVox Mate Pro provides lagless real time vision of the world around you in full true color. Hike, drive, and explore at night with the confidence of knowing what is up ahead.

Don’t worry about shutter speeds and long exposure, aperture and ISO sensitivity…

Duovox Mate Pro’s advanced AI Assist Dynamic Algorithm takes care of all the decisions, rendering high-quality images with the simple press of a button.

View your footage as you record even in bright sunlight, on the high-contrast 1,229,760-dot, 3-inch LCD screen.

Upload them directly to your device via a stable WiFi hotspot connection.

Duovox Mate Pro can even stream your live 2K footage using the PC or Mobile Webcam Mode directly to the internet via WiFi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz) up to 45 ft (15 m) away!

Film animals or intruders at night without giving your position away!

Unlike typical infrared night-vision cameras that give themselves away via their visible red light, Duovox Mate Pro is 100% undetectable at night.

The Most Advanced Night-Vision Sensor (not) Available!

Exclusively for Duovox Mate Pro, Sony has designed and is manufacturing the most advanced night-vision sensor ever — the Sony STARVIS 2 1/1.8’’ Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor.

While essentially every night-vision camera on the market comes with a small (security camera) MCCD sensor, this brand-new sensor offers improved light capture and better quality images. What does that mean? 

244% Bigger Pixels than Low-Light Leader Sony a7s III

Sony set a new standard for low light cameras with their Sony a7s series. 

Their flagship professional low-light cameras feature sensors with low megapixel counts with big pixels or photosite area. The larger the photosite, the more light it can capture and the more information can be recorded.

Their most advanced camera — the Sony a7s III — has a 12.1-megapixel back-illuminated Exmor RTM CMOS image sensor. The pixel or photosite area of Sony’s flagship camera is 69.89 µm². Duvox Mate Pro is a 5-megapixel back-illuminated STARVIS 2 CMOS image sensor. With a photosite area of 170.41µm². 

That’s 244% bigger pixels, and 244% more light than the best professional low light camera ever! 

200% More Dynamic Range

With its bigger pixels, Duovox’s sensor captures more light — without compromising or blowing out the highlights. 

Using its unique AI Assist Dynamic Algorithm, Duovox Mate Pro captures up to 22.25 stops of dynamic range — a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1.

This is over 145% more than the industry leader, the Sony a7s III at 15 stops of light. And 200% more than the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 11 stops of dynamic range!  

 AI Assist Dynamic Algorithm

Typical night vision cameras and scopes use outdated avalanche photodiodes, single-photon counting, high conversion gain, or multi-frame stacking to see in the dark. But the moment there’s a bright light source, the picture clips to white. 

And over time, electronic components are extremely easily damaged by the overload of strong light or sunlight.

Duovox’s night vision technology uses the latest sensors and processing technology to achieve digital night vision in extremely low light without any enhancement.

Instead, your Duovox leverages an AI bionic algorithm, 3D noise reduction, and white balance automatic gain to achieve a more stable and accurate night vision.

All the crazy technological innovations aside, Duovox Mate Pro is as easy to use as a phone or point-and-shoot camera!
                        And with its advanced shooting modes, you’ll get more out of it with every use: