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DUAL PAN: Join The Cooking Revolution

The do-it-all wonder, combining 8 traditional cookware pieces in just one pan. Roast, steam, fry, boil, bake, grill, sauté & much more!


 Cook Any Food | Any Way in Just One Pan 

Dual Pan’s revolutionary design combines two, lightweight aluminium cooking plates into a single one solution PAN suitable for cooking any meal.

With a naturally non-stick cook surface, Dual Pan is designed to cook your favourite foods to perfection but without utensils or the mess.

Once you use Dual Pan, you’ll wonder how you ever cooked a meal without it!


Locks in Flavor | Taste stays in your food


 No hassle, No mess | Just seal, lock and flip!

With Dual Pan, it’s now simpler than ever to achieve the flavor-rich taste of ‘chef-style’ cooking at home. Its silicone seal and magnetic-locking handle ensure heat and natural juices are preserved inside Dual Pan while you cook, leaving your food moist, tender and full of natural flavor. Dual Pan lets you now steam AND fry at the same time making your dumplings crispier, fish tastier and omelettes fluffier without any fuss.

So are you ready to ‘flip’ the way you cook?


We’ve got you covered | Every meal of the day

● Cook any food in just one pan

● Lightweight aluminium design

● Superior heat retention

● Multi-functional & versatile

● Preserves natural juices & flavors

● Better nutritional value

● 20% more efficient

● Faster cooking time

● No more ‘hot spots’

● Eliminates oil, smoke & odors

Dual Pan also eliminates oil splatter so you can still hear the sizzle of your food without the hassle of messy clean-ups. Plus it removes unwanted smoke and cooking odors, making it ideal for small apartments. Dual Pan has been polished and seasoned to create a naturally non-stick surface, guaranteeing flipping – without sticking – every time. Food literally slides off the surface making cooking and stirring a breeze.


Two Pans Are Better Than one

Dual Pan’s dual, die-cast aluminium construction guarantees superior heat retention and even temperature distribution, which reduces ‘hot spots’ which burn food. This helps make Dual Pan more energy-efficient than regular cooking pans.

And because Dual Pan cooks 20% faster than other pans, less nutrients are lost, which equals more flavour and better tasting food.

So mealtimes are not only quicker to prepare, but also healthier and tastier for you and your family to enjoy.


Quality You Can Count On


Forged from aluminium, Dual Pan is highly conductive to heat, ensuring food cooks at a uniform temperature resulting in delicious, evenly-cooked meals.

The twin aluminium pans maximise optimal heat distribution from base to sealed rim while minimising ‘hot spots’ which can burn food.

Dual Pan is also designed with a deeper cook height than most pans, giving you even more cooking options like simmering sauces and baking cakes.

Plus Dual Pan’s non-stick surface is safe to cook on and super easy to clean.

Dual Pan’s unique, mirrored construction makes it extremely versatile, allowing home chefs to cook any meal using any technique in just the one pan.

So whether you want to fry, grill or roast, sauté or stir-fry, braise, boil or even bake, Dual Pan lets you cook what you want, exactly the way you want it.

And what’s more, it’s also PERFECT for making popcorn.

Dual Pan can be used in your kitchen, on the grill or even on the open fire when camping. Paella in a pan, anyone?


In creating Dual Pan, we challenged ourselves to think outside the square. Or should we say, kitchen. We wanted to make an everyday pan that would make home cooking easier without compromising quality at an affordable price. As part of our research, we consulted with dozens of everyday home cooks and talked to them about how we might rethink the common cook pan and make mealtimes more enjoyable.